New Xbox 360 Bundle - Microsoft Confirms Holiday Release

Microsoft has put the rumors to bed, and as long as you remember to leave out milk and cookies, there may just be a new Xbox 360 waiting for you under the tree when you wake in the morning - at least that is what Microsoft surely hopes.

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Excalibur4086d ago

If these are the New Falcons or M$'s way of clearing out the older systems.

secret4085d ago

The dividing line has been drawn. Everything to the left of that line is the xbox360 and xbox360 multiports. Everything to the right of that line is the PS3 and the loyal PS3 developers like Insomniac games.

The following link is a Grand Turismo5 versus Real-life comparison quiz. Let's see how you do. Take the quiz and see the power of the PS3 rather than the smoke & mirrors of the xbox360. PS3 fans, you might want to try for yourself...enjoy the true next gen experience on the utlimate home theater console -- the PS3.

Unless you got all 14 answers on this quiz correct on the first try with 100% certainty, with absolutely no doubt at all while you were taking the exam, I don't think you should click disagree. Clicking disagree without passing this test in flying colors shows (to yourself) that you're untrustworthy, pigheaded, and easily amazed by microsoft's smoke and mirrors. You know who you are.(If Microsoft really loves you, then why does it continue to sell you a product that it KNOWS is still defective rather than HALTING production until the flaws are worked out?).

Thank you. Now take the quiz.



DaddyDC6504086d ago

Might have to return my newly purchased Halo 3 360 SE soon. I'm pheaning for a racing game and my nephew's visit me ever so often so the Marvel game should come in handy. =)

gta_cb4086d ago

Forza Motorsport 2 is really good, i recomend you get it as soon as possible :P

bluebrad19744086d ago

I have already put my sons 360 in layaway.

wageslave4085d ago

Im sure the retailer will let you out of the layway wont they? Just put it "back" and change it to the new bundle.

You'll probably be fine.

Bnet3434086d ago

Marvel and Forza racing, nice

Xi4086d ago

Game consoles should be bundled with games. GASP!

Killfooler4085d ago

As far as I know, Sony started bundling before M$ did with Motorstorm. You're right though... I miss the good ole days when game machines came with games. Good times.

Mikey_Gee4085d ago

... I remember those days.

You also got " TWO " controllers as well.

Nostradavis4085d ago


Those days may be making a come back sooner than you think...

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