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Crysis 2 - Graphics Comparison

Can the consoles stand up to the juggernaut PC franchise? (Crysis 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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gypsygib  +   1659d ago
I couldn't decide between the 360 and PS3 version so I got the 360 simply because my last 4 games were for PS3.

This games does not have the best console graphics, not even close although they are very good for a non-corridor shooter. The unstable framerate kills it though.

I would have actually preferred it they did what COD does and lower the resolution to increase the framerate cause for some reason even despite the higher res, Black Ops on 360 looks better a some points (smoother and strangely sharper/cleaner). I know I'll get disagrees.

It's needs to be sharper/cleaner, with a better framerate and shadows.
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imvix  +   1659d ago
Its no longer the same game as the original, it was developed with consoles in mind.
Pixel_Pusher  +   1659d ago
no framerate problems on the PS3 version.
BK-201  +   1659d ago
@pixel, both versions run probably an average of 25 fps with lots of drops.
Pixel_Pusher  +   1659d ago

Digital Foundry's review says different.
"The increased performance and resolution indicates that the Xbox 360 is the preferred platform for Crysis 2, but in the heat of actual gameplay, this difference appears to evaporate. Put simply, on certain stages, frame-rate varies rather drastically to the point where the game can feel almost unplayable. Thankfully these areas don't account for the majority of the gameplay by any stretch of the imagination, but it does ask serious questions about the stability of the engine - or Crytek's own optimization procedures.

While the engine analysis based on like-for-like footage suggests an advantage to the Xbox 360 version of Crysis 2, as we can see in these extensive tests, performance can be very, very variable and the small variations in frame-rate we see previously give way to some much bigger differences, depending on the level of action on-screen. The unavoidable conclusion we came to is that when frame-rate does crash in those affected areas, it's actually Crysis 2 on PS3 that holds up better."
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units  +   1659d ago
cvg. gamersradar. ign beg to differ
Big_Dom  +   1659d ago
The fact that you put Black Ops in the same bracket visually and as a FPS as this game automatically voids your comment. Sorry.
gypsygib  +   1659d ago
Yeah yeah, it's cool to hate on COD but you can't deny the fact that Black Ops on 360 is a lot smoother than C2. Crysis 2 looks great but it has it's fair share of graphical issue and it's kinda grainy. It's not a clean running game by any means.
waltyftm  +   1659d ago
Another comparison, Please stop .
interrergator  +   1659d ago
lol crytek wanted a challenge so there gona do it
AdmiralSnake  +   1659d ago
PC destroys all Nuff Said. Looks way better the textures are way better and looks beautiful. Console versions look nice but the PC clearly destroys both graphics wise I can't judge the gameplay though since I've never played the PC version lol.
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Big_Dom  +   1659d ago
Well it's not "nuff said" as you put it, as there are clearly very little differences to the overall aesthetics of the game on all three platforms. The PC version is obviously going to be sharper with more solid frame rates than the consoles, but from this video, there is barely any difference between the PC and 360, while the PS3 is slightly less sharper looking due to it's lower resolution, but again, the difference is barely noticable to the overall look.

There is nothing to scoff at here. However, I expected the PC, with the kind of hardware that is at least a few gens ahead of consoles by now, to be vastly superior to the two other versions, but I'm amazed that they aren't. Before the fanatics start ripping my post apart, I both own a decent PC and a console, and it's sad that for all the money people will spend on up-to-date hardware for the PC, devs just do not push it anywhere near close to what it's really capable of. Crysis 2 may look amazing to most people, myself included, but I know that the PC is capable of so much more, and that in itself is disappointing.
evrfighter  +   1659d ago
Ok its not nuff said. It's

Nuff said !!!!!1111!!1 lolconsoles!!!!111
kevnb  +   1659d ago
oh cmon, the console version just looks like a blur in comparison. Its like comparing a blu-ray to a vhs of the same movie. Lets see what dx11 brings, for dragon age 2 the dx11 effects and official texture pack put it in another league altogether.
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Chubear  +   1659d ago
lol, wow, if you looked at that vid and say there's a "huge" difference then you're just so insecure and refusing to acknowledge something that is blatant - The 3 versions are very similar with the PC version having a bit sharper image and little more texturing generally.

There is no "huge" difference here that would have a console gamer feel like they're missing out on getting a $1000 gaming rig just to play this game that's very similar on consoles for $299 and at least you know you'll be able to play future games at no extra cost instead of having to buy a $500 card in the next 2-3yrs.

Was Crysis2 dumbed down for consoles? Well, obviously but to say the dumbed down Crysis2 is so significantly better on PC than consoles is just blind retardation.

If you don't want developers putting these games on consoles (360) and "dumbing' them down then, you shouldn't pirate the sh*t out of their hard work and instead support them more.

Graphics took a hit for the sequel, ok, but the gameplay sure did improve a lot from Crysis1 though I must say.
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joydestroy  +   1659d ago
it plays well on PC. i have mine set to hardcore and avg about 70FPS with two 560 Ti's @ 1920x1080.
kevnb  +   1659d ago
hardcore isnt even a setting on my copy...
joydestroy  +   1659d ago

wut? lol sounds like you have a bad copy then
zero_cool  +   1659d ago
Crytek never used the best aa or rendering techniques available to PS3 nor pushed PS3 remotely close to it's limits & if any technical problems occurred then crytek are to blame not the consoles hardware nor the PS3's sdk.PS3's sdk isn't hard to learn anymore & is very optimizable.Crytek put their own foot in their own mouth by thinking they were gonna push PS3 to it's very limits on their first go & best every other experienced developer who has worked exclusively on PS3 for quite a some time now welcome to party crytek here's your slice of humble pie!
interrergator  +   1659d ago
i dont see any problem with either console version one says screen tearing the other says low framerate blah blah blah who cares
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kevnb  +   1659d ago
pc version kills the console versions, especially in motion. The game doesnt even run right on console, automatic fail. this is why I dont game much on console, devs just dont care about stable performance this gen.

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