Greatest Competitive Games of All Time - Counter-Strike

An on-going series of articles that discuss the greatest Competitive Games in history. All articles include informative and legendary videos to supplement the writing.

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mighty_douche4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

then put down your pad and get on Counter Strike Source!

that games sets the men from the boys! or the pc from the console as it might be.

more games played/players than halo can ever dream of.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4082d ago

but then again all PC FPS > Halo.

Bonsai12144082d ago

comments like yours, crimsonwolf are unneeded. you could have simply said, PC FPS > Console FPS. no need to name names. now you'll get flamed and w/e

but yeah, 1.6 is the greatest FPS experience i've ever had. the sheer number of people who i've connected with because they play and the hours upon hours i've played that game makes it the best FPS gaming experience known to man.

i haven't played source since its beginning because i heard it was still plagued with hitbox issues and things like that.

in my opinion, the two most competitive gaming arenas are:
CS and SC

socomnick4082d ago

Sure crimson thats why halo is soo soo big. Crimson go back to your moms basement and jerkoff to your pc.

BigBadPolo4082d ago

Counter Strike is definitely a well deserved legend of competitive gaming. Let's however not forget Battlefield 1942 and it's mod Desert Combat. I spent more time playing those two games in tournaments, clans, etc. than I can even count. A well deserved companion to Counter Strike on the Greatest Comp. Games of All Time list, in my opinion.

IRONMAN_357kickback4082d ago

even though i love counter strike they should of had a list, had goldeneye online which is crazy, TF, timesplitters online, GRAW2, just more games, but CS rocks, whoooooooooo

Bwack4082d ago

Ironman - This is an ongoing series that I write. Golden Eye was done sometime ago and more games will be on the way...

The Karate Kid4082d ago

Street Fighter 2 Franchises
Counter Strike
Madden Franchises
Halo Franchises
Pac Man (High Score Battles)

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