The Ten Best PS3 Exclusives The PlayStation 3 hasn't always been the home of a wide variety of exclusive titles, largely lagging behind the competition throughout the first year or so of its launch. However, that reality has shifted substantially over the past few years, to the point where Sony's first-party lineup for 2011 appears well ahead of the two other console manufacturers. Before looking into the future, it's worth taking a look back on the recent past, to a fantastic, diverse catalogue of exclusive titles. What follows is our list of the top ten PlayStation 3 exclusives titles - limited to full retail offerings, one entry per franchise, and listed in alphabetical order.

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mephman2590d ago

There have been some great games this generation from Sony, even if you only include one game per franchise.

Persistantthug2590d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is a must play, even if you don't like JRPG's that much like myself.

Dart892590d ago

Why no love for heavenly sword:(?A very good game but underrated.

Selyah2590d ago

Very true, Heavenly Sword was epic.

mephman2590d ago

I always felt that Heavenly Sword was missing something. But it does show the calibre of the titles its up against.

JDouglasGU2590d ago

it was a good game, but can't compare to the heavy weights out there today.

HeavenlySnipes2590d ago

have to move one of those games out. The only one I see that can come out is Valkyria Chronicles but....

darkdoom30002590d ago

A good game, not great. They had the graphics and cinematics nailed, but the combat was very loose and not very fun.

Also the game was very short. In a 3 hour sitting I had already finished half of it.

pixelsword2590d ago

Heavenly sword was probably the best early game out in terms of storyline. I liked Resistance for the gameplay, and Lair for the Innovation and technical achievements although I don't disagree with this list.

Bathyj2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

I still believe Heavenly Sword has the best facial mo-cap on the market. Even better than Uncharted 2.

I can remember a joke in the game when I pissed myself laughing. It was only a facial gesture in response to someone elses reamark, he said nothing. You need believable graphics to pull that off.

Admittedly, I havent seen LA Noire which I have heard is amazing in that area.

Arrow headshot.
BEST SOUND EFFECT EVER. Yes, even the Cerebral Bore must bow down.

LCF2590d ago

The Cerebral Bore From Turok 2 is my all time favorite weapon. I glitch that sucker and launch 3 at a time. Sorry but the sounds from the bore are unmatched. However head and ass shots during twing twang was fun as well.

Bebedora2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

I have to agree. The mo-cap was believable. I have seen that in leisure suit larry though. Not that great graphics

The visulas was great, the combat was fun at first. Got boring after an hour. Guiding missiles was the best of the combat moments. The story was realy good. I must say, Serkis made the game even more likeabel.

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Selyah2590d ago

Nice list, gotta say I did personally find valkyria chronicles to be a bit of a gem. Warhawk was also epic just wish it was still as good as it was back when it first came out.

Hardedge2590d ago

Folklore was a gorgeous little thing, I love that game to bits.

Bebedora2590d ago

I had it somewhat preordered, but the demo turned me off somehow. Later I tried find it in the barginbin - zilch, nada, gone. =( I still looking for it when browsing a store.

Hardedge2590d ago

Ouch, there's still a number of copies over here at the local BB and FS.

sku7790tz2590d ago

great exclusive is synonymous to ps3

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