Square Enix Floor Report Plus FF13 and Other Secret Info

The video shows us the details about the newest Square games, Infinite Undiscovery, Kingdom Hearts, FF13 and Versus 13, as well as The Last Remnant.

They also talk about what was seen behind the hidden "curtain" of the new Final Fantasy games.

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mighty_douche3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

cant watch it on my work pc!!!

someone please, is it worth rushing straight home to watch this? was ment to swing by my dealers house first. yea thats right, the douche likes a joint or 2!

any FF news/footage???

eidt @ fenderputty, lol your probably right about that J dude. ha new4smokers.

fenderputty3968d ago

lol ... but honestly, even if it was worth rushing straight home, wouldn't you rather wait for that J?

emaddox843968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Don't worry, it only shows a few seconds of FFXIII...I wouldn't rush home to see this. Haha.

mighty_douche3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

i appreciate it! not sure my lungs will.

p.s. nice avatar, yours? i gotta GSX-R 750 k4. scariest money ive ever spend, love it!!

emaddox843968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Yeah, it's mine. It was a gift to myself in May when I graduated from UGA and got a software engineering job. It's a '07 ZX-10R Special Edition, hence the flames. I want to get a black G35 with matching flames, wouldn't that be bad ass. Ha, jk...maybe.

mighty_douche3968d ago

is either completely insane or balls of steel! maybe a bit of both?

lilwingman3968d ago

I'm tired of seeing the same footage, and hearing the same things I already know. FF XIII is my most anticipated set of games of the now-current gen, I want to know new things! :P

Laexerias3968d ago

This Guy gives me a creep, dunno why, he talks faster than i can think. O_ O And.. WTF totally Old News. xD

sumfood4u3968d ago

oh well just bring me FF13 & VS i'm a happy camper!