Exclusive Details on Operation Raccoon City writes, "Rumors have been floating around for quite some time about Slant Six, former developer of SOCOM, working on a brand new Resident Evil title. Today, we're here to officially validate those rumors along with giving you the very first detail on the upcoming title."

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Dart892822d ago

Man these all sound like good ideas but they are f***ing up resident evil for what it is:(.

NanoSoldier2822d ago

no resident evil game ever matched the atmosphere which was in the horror house in resident evil 1 on PSone. What is it?! It's blood... !

aCasualGamer2822d ago

I can't emphasize this enough: Capcom you are the murderers of Gaming industry.

First you destroy RE5 (No horror, boosted Chris with Superhuman serum x 5 and top it all off you took away all the zombies and introduced us to mindless freaks who carry weapons better than S.T.A.R.S)

Then, you destroy every DMC fan with your EMO version (Ninja Theory is responsible but hey, in my eyes Capcom are equally responsible for this)

Why is it so hard for you washed up brain f**ks to release a decent horror game that uses the old formula of zombies + low ammo + scary atmosphere and soundtracks = HOLY-MOTHERF***ING-SHIT-THAT-S CARED-THE-LIVING-CRAP-OUT-OF-ME -MOMENTS just to thank the fans for all the support all these years?

Crapcom indeed!

sobekflakmonkey2822d ago

too be honest, this title could good, but the thing that upsets me is the fact that in the article they say your going to have lots of ammo all the time....its not exactly "Survival Horror" if you always have lots of ammo...and big guns...

beavis4play2822d ago

nanosoldier - i LOVED RE1. however, i think RE2 did match RE1 atmosphere - the first time i opened the doors to the police dept. in RE2......pure awesomeness.

2822d ago
midgard2272822d ago


i almost agrree with u. im annoyed that socom team is making this and ninja theory is making dmc, its like capcom is lazy this gen or somethin

BUT, even tho RE5 wasnt scary and had no zombies it was still an ammazing game and one of my fav.

just got wierd with gun wielding dudes toward the end, shuda stood more like the beginin but o well. me and fiance thinkin of beatin it a 5th time

MysticStrummer2822d ago

The original RE was great for sure, but for me the series peaked with RE2. RE3 took a step sideways. RE4 bored me so much I didn't finish it and had no interest in RE5 after I saw it was going to follow in RE4's footsteps. I would love an HD remake of RE2.

showtimefolks2822d ago

i think we need to understand we will not see many games with true horror i know the one on psn siren is it because you don't get any ammo you have to hide and stuff

re5 sales were good enough for capcom where it has become more shooter less horror RE4 in HD will solve our horror issues

RE is a action adventure game with RE name that's all

this gen capcom has gone from being great to good

DR1-2 about the same game
LP 1 was good 2 they just messed it up
Re paid dlc on disk anyone?
dmc 4 was good why a reboot?

AhnnQuirajj2821d ago


Who could forget Chris punching that boulder... happy times!

damnyouretall2821d ago

re hasnt been intense in a long time. i like deadspace now

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MAiKU2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

That's kinda a lot to reveal for something that hasn't been "revealed" yet.

NukaCola2822d ago

CAn we all agree Capcom is milking this franshice now?

Winning2822d ago

I like milk. And also Resident Evil

gamizing2822d ago

we all love resident evil
socom studio maybe the worst studio ever their game SUCKS and this one is like the worst resident evil titles (( resident evil outbreak ))
capcom please dont disappoint me again

stickskills2822d ago

@gamizing - You haven't played the title though, correct? Granted it may not be where you want the title to go, in terms of direction, but at least reserve judgement until gameplay surfaces.

rdgneoz32822d ago

@gamizing Might not be the best Resident Evil game to come out, but resident evil has had multiplayer in the past.

CherryLu-Chan2822d ago

Milkidilk Evilk.
I can see the ad now, a zombie with a milkstache on it.

And back on topic..
I've never played a Socom game.. are they any good?

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darkziosj2822d ago

at least resident evil is still survival horro.... oh wait

malyn2822d ago

WTF capcom DMC and now resident evil
no one can make a great resident evil game except mikami
and now capcom just gave the game to american developers i'm no Racial but americans cant make resident evil

Cloudberry2822d ago

After I read the article.........

It really sounds like "SOCOM Resident Evil".........

I just hope it's good.

If not, forget it.

Otheros002822d ago

But the Socom creators are not making this. Zipper are the Socom creators.

Kingdom Come2822d ago

It sounds interesting, considering I've been asking for a new "Resident Evil: Outbreak" for a long time, this sounds almost exactly that. A Co-Op experience. Whilst I don't like the prospect of the game being more shooter and less survival, I am happy that the game is returning to the Series' past. I'll await new Details, Gameplay & Screenshots before passing my judgement...

taokaka132822d ago

That's what i have always though this was! A new OUTBREAK, why else would they have got slant six to make it?

squallheart2821d ago

Same. I was looking forward to it being like outbreak seeing how I never got the chance to play and only saw my brother in law doing it. It looked like fun but after reading the article sounds like a military shooter but with zombies which has been done to death. There is not survival horror involved and when I read youll have a lot of ammo i started thinking wtf. Your an agent with unlimited ammo or something along those lines trying to erase the evens to the point of killing the original cast members. The couldn't realize that the best scenario would have been you with 4 other people playing as survivors and have those moments of "whole crap is that jill fighting over there! wish there was a way to get there to help her!!!" Imagine reaching the police station and trying to get past it and your on the second floor and look down and there is leon running by! But noooo they ruined the concept, might as well play call of dutys zombie mode...