F1 2011 Boxart unveiled

Codemasters has unveiled the final Boxart of F1 2011 that will out on September 23.

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Waldi2825d ago

yeah really nothing special, but the game could be awesome

Ninver2825d ago

last F1 wa mediocre beyond belief. such a bugy turd. the first Formula One Championship by Sony London release back in 2006 runs and looks better than most racers today. Why do multiplats suck so much? You try to like 'em but they love to disappoint.

Bathyj2825d ago

That was an underrated game, but to be honest, I havent really been into an F1 game since F1 96 by Bizarre Creations.

Since driving a Polyphony Digital in GT3, F1 games seem really bland.

Ve3tro2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Not much different to last years design.

Johandevries2825d ago

They prolly want you to believe the game will improve 180 degrees

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