Soul Breed PS3 Game Is So So Dirty

Record of Agarest War, the "Soul Breed" strategy RPG: The monster-killing-baby-making game was released in Japan late last month, and in-game shots are starting to surface. So far? There's a girl in a school-type bathing suit, one eating a sausage, another eating a banana, a messy ice cream scene and group bathing.

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mighty_douche4057d ago

sounds like this is the game for you if your an ANIME fan. dirty little japanese.

Rooted_Dust4057d ago

The more sexually repressed a culture is, the more perverted it becomes.

secret4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

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the_bebop4056d ago

Why is that everyone thinks Anime is about pervets.

bluebrad19744056d ago

Read the story title and the comments on this post. These are either perverts or pre-pubescent teens that get off on the underwear advertisement section of there local newspaper.

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ChibiSelz4057d ago

mi want ^^ <3 def a import for me

Expy4057d ago

The scope of the 360, they don't know the market. This game seems dirty here, but over there, this barely scratches the surface.

gunnerforlife4057d ago

lol this game is gone be a hit in japan lol them pervs

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The story is too old to be commented.