3DS AR Card Android App saves your pocketspace

There is now an app for the Android phone that makes it so you won’t have to worry about carrying those Augmented Reality cards with you in public if you want to do something involving the 3D camera outside.

The App downloads for free and contains all of the AR cards that otherwise come free with the Nintendo 3DS: Question Mark Block, Mario, Link, Kirby, Samus and the Pikmin.

For those who do not know what the AR cards do, they allow the 3DS to place 3D objects on top of the card as if they were there in real life, even though they are not.

Get the app here:

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Noami2825d ago

i have this! but, i think this will be bad in a way since i bet they will add the one you have to buy also. well its not bad to have free stuff but supporting jp company is the best thing ppl can do right now!.