MadCatz Announces Their 3DS Lineup

Jon Ireson: "MadCatz isn't about to miss out on the 3DS goodness. Here we have their lineup for the system. As always some cool accessories are bound to be brought out by the accessory giant. Take a look for yourself and see what catches your eye."

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Hitman07692552d ago

MadCatz is always bringing out something lol, they stay busy.

SpaceSquirrel2552d ago

I'm not sure if you need all that for the 3ds


I've never been a big fan of mad catz...all the stuff I got from them broke way too soon. I've heard that their products have gotten way better since the last time I purchased any.

coryok2552d ago

dont they just sell things like carrying cases? sorry i have a pocket, and if that fails i have a car i can leave it in

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