TGH: Battle: L.A. Review

TGH writes: Battle L.A might be the first movie game I’ve seen that was released for download rather than on a disc. My first thought on this is that Konami and Sabre Interactive might have the right idea. If you’re trying to release a game alongside its movie counterpart, why not make it digital? But, is this just wishful thinking or are things actually as good as they seem?

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e3kehoe2586d ago

After playing the demo I just kept wondering "why did they even bother putting this out??"

I seriously doubt there is ANYONE out there going
"whoa, this is the best game ever!!" lol. even on there developer team

lpfisher2586d ago

It's really a slap in the face. The fact that they think they can push this out and make a quick buck is insulting.

ShadyDevil2586d ago

The sad part is that the console versions did not even have a multiplayer component. Maybe it was for the better. Seriously.

PSWe602585d ago

All we need to know about this game:
It's based on a movie...DONE