Honest Nintendo 3DS Reactions

Watch youtube user jackal27 went to local Best Buy to try out the 3DS for the first time ever.

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TruthbeTold2583d ago

I loved the mother's reaction. Nintendo does such a good job of bringing people simple joy through their hardware and games.

DigitalHorror812583d ago

I'm sure it will be a REALLY COOL system and sell tons of software along with the tons of 3DS hardware. Unfortunately, due to the timing, I'll only be able to afford one new handheld, so it's got to be the NGP for me. But Kudos to Nintendo on another solid handheld!

moparful992583d ago

Hmm I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a nintendo product.. Gamers grew up and the games didn't.. I still love my super nintendo to death though.. I dont know how many times I've beaten super mario and super metroid.. But the games today are farcry's from the games of nintendo past.. I honestly think they've lost their edge in terms of GAMES... It seems like they've have the casual audience on lock, games that are just pick up and play and have very little depth.. But they continue to be successful and I can't bash them for that.. I just don't enjoy their products anymore...

kesvalk2582d ago

so, you grew, but you still love the games that you loved while you were a kid, but you don't like the games that have the same soul as them if they are released in new consoles...

you need medical help

and really, calling mario galaxy 2 and DKR casual is stupid...

n4f2582d ago

specially dkc return

moparful992582d ago

You know why I still love those games?? Nostalgia.. Ever heard of it? Yea I've played most of nintendo's first party offerings for the wii and they just don't have the same impact on me that the super nintendo did.. Is it a crime for my gaming preferences to change??? Don't sit here all high and mighty judging me because I dont worship nintendo... DKR and metroid other m are the only games in recent memory that recaptured the feel and enjoyment I had while playing super nintendo.... Sorry but I make my own decisions about what I like...

pain777pas2582d ago

Super Mario 1-world are great games period. Like Tetris and Lumines they cannot be denied. They have great gameplay. No story needed or anything (marking down games for story is stupid). I want to let some people know that games are great because of gameplay and that alone is what differentiates them from everything else in entertainment for the most part. If game controls are tight and intuitive then you have a good game on your hands. FF7 is a great game because the gameplay mechanics are good. You shouldn't mind grinding and finding secrets etc... if the gameplay is up to snuff. Story is an RPG staple but no matter how good the story if the combat system isn't fun on some level whether visceral or strategic than the GAME is not good. If the game is bad and the story is good make a movie or print the script for hard cover and paperback with pictures or something.

kesvalk2582d ago

you say you make your own decisions while barfing the food the fanboys and PR keep vomiting on your mouth...

stop being a tool and become someone better...

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soren2583d ago

sadly i have super metroid and let me tell u how much other m is better after playing other m super metroid was a bore it was just 2 slow paste so i dono why ppl like super metroid better or supe mario 3 better then galaxy makes no sence

flyingmunky2582d ago

I think super metroid broke more boundaries for its time than other m.

One thing that really bothered me about other m was the controls, I never felt like I was aiming my cannon. It seemed like if you were facing the correct direction it autoaimed to target the enemy. Also the voice acting is laughable, I haven't heard any that cheesy since the beginning of the ps2 era.

soren2582d ago

actully it was that bad not the best but not that bad ether super metroid was just boring to me the bosses dident have a thrill to it or anything zero mission was better

gumgum992583d ago

My reactions were a lot like that guy. It really is something you got to, wait for it, see to believe.

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