First Atelier Meruru Screens

Andriasang: Gust finally provides a look at the PS3 sequel and its younger Rorona.


Atelier Meruru Full Resolution Screens:

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Omegabalmung2825d ago

Looking good now give me Totori

kreate2825d ago

so... did u guys buy atelier rorona?
cuz i did. now im waiting for totori.

Omegabalmung2824d ago

Up bought it on the first day it was released.

TheDeadMetalhead2825d ago

...Didn't they JUST release Totori in Japan? So it'll be like, at least 2 years before we get to play this one, right? Geez...

thekiddfran2825d ago

We want totori next,stop teasing us!the art work is amazing in these games.