Socom 4 Forums Loaded With Hate

The beta for Socom 4 was recently released for private testers and Playstation Plus users, and while they are not at liberty to disclose much info about the game (Non-Disclosure Agreement), it's not hard to tell that hardcore fans aren't happy.

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DangerTick2700d ago

I'm a hardcore fan of Socom and I'm happy with Socom 4. It's a noticeable improvement but of course you'll see a bunch of asshurt fanboys crying over minor changes (kind of like when Sonic fans cried because they changed the color of Sonic's eyes).

WildArmed2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )


Regardless of what I think of SOCOM.
There are two types of haters on the forums:
1) The people actually do not like the game; for good reasons ~10% of the haters
2) The people think that hating on the game is cool, because you know, obviously someone took the time to make up good excuses to hate the game ~90% of the haters

Funny business.
no change/innovation = bad
change/innovation = bad

Zipper had it coming either way, and it's not really fair.

Classic mode in SOCOM 4 is pretty neat -- been playing suppression and data uplink since march 15th.
And the 5 player co-op looks even better

JBit922700d ago

I'm addicted to Classic mode

im-12-years-old2700d ago

Nice, I like to make up statistics too!

Dart892700d ago

Can't please them all hell all those damn haters should be happy they even decided to make socom 4.

theonlylolking2700d ago

The people who I are playing the beta say it is awesome but the people on the forums are hating it.

ivant2700d ago

I'm not a hater

I just don't see that point...

Of what I've seen of the mp gameplay, it's just a prettier TPS version of MAG.

Would have been better just to do a MAG 2 with massive improvements...including adding fully usable tanks, choppers, jets.

saf1007922700d ago

i honestly don't see how its like mag at all? other than graphically it plays totally different

Graphics2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

I can say the same thing for socom 4. I don't see how its anything like socom at all. It plays nothing like socom which is why everyone is mad. They just need to release Socom 2 HD, I won't even ask for a remake of Socom 2 from them, cause knowing them they'll turn the S2 remake to another different game again... Socom fans are mad because Socom is not socom anymore it's something completely different now.

saf1007922700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

it plays like a socom to me.. not quite two or three but i'm still having fun with it. And for those people who just say remake S2 i think its bs. They all say that until they actually play and remember all the glitches in it and the fact that u can't run and throw a nade

MysticStrummer2700d ago

I'd rather they just modify the way choppers and troop transport planes work than make them controllable.

I'd like to see multiple spots where the choppers could go, instead of the automatic places they go when the AAA goes down. The Platoon leader or OIC could pick the spot, then the chopper would fly in like it does now. The miniguns could automatically fire at enemies as it flies over, or players could work the guns. The platoon leader or OIC should also be able to have a little control over where troops parachute in.

Maybe if two platoons are doing well side by side and both knock out their AAA, an attack chopper could fly in and patrol between the two, with players controlling the guns. I wouldn't add tanks unless they make the environments at least somewhat destructible, and I wouldn't add jets unless... yeah I just wouldn't add them.

I'd like to see squad leaders get more than one waypoint to use, and those waypoints should work like Frago points, so maybe more people would pay attention to them. 3 waypoints would be nice. Also, in Suppression the squad leader himself should be a Frago point. It might not be bad for the squad leader to be a walking Frago point in all modes.

Those are my ideas, beyond the obvious ones... better animations, better sound, more weapons, more customization, more maps, whatever graphics improvements they could make.

I like the existing modes, including the DLC, but I think there should be a Capture the Intel mode with all 3 PMCs trying to steal intel that randomly spawns somewhere in the level.
Also... night and day versions of the maps. Maybe a transition from night to sunrise or day to sunset while playing.

I just don't like player controlled flying vehicles because players don't usually convey the illusion that they are the kind of expert pilots these PMCs would use. It's bad enough to start a round of Interdiction and watch the friendly APCs crash into each other and block the road for the ones behind.

Damn. Long post. I love MAG. lol I've said it many times on here but MAG is the only online FPS this generation that has held my interest and keeps me coming back for more. I can't wait to play Socom 4, I just hope they add in some of the old modes. At least Demolition and Extraction.

MysticStrummer2700d ago

Everyone I know in the beta is loving it. Haters hate. Whiners whine. Gamers game.

MysticStrummer2700d ago

Indeed. I'm sure many here would call me a fanboy, but of course I don't see it that way. I'm just a more discerning consumer. lol

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