Mystery Title To Shock Gaming World, First Teaser Trailer Released

A massive viral campaign for a mystery game dubbed America 2049 has commenced, appearing out of the blue and asking the question: what is America 2049?

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dp2774072460d ago

so I tried the timer trick and i got the countdown to zero but nothing happened yet.

dp2774072459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

why a disagree, I did,nothing happened you can try it too just mess with your time while on the page.

movements2459d ago

Really would like to know what this is about...

2459d ago
movements2459d ago

Something for Prey 2 maybe? Have not idea.

Kingdom Come2459d ago

So, we can see a number of actors frequently used in projects by J.J.Abrams. A seemingly heavy focus on dialogue, perhaps hinting at an in-depth conversation system (Similar to those used in Bethesda and Bioware titles). It could be assumed that the Countdown is for the games release, what with the teaser trailer hinting towards an April release date. I however expect the project or game to be a completely downloadable title using Real-Footage with multiple outcomes to be decided by the gamer, therefor perhaps meaning the title BEGINS in April, with each month, week or fortnight being the release of the next episode.