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Submitted by pat_11_5 1788d ago | opinion piece

Female Characters In Games – Big Boobs And Skimpy Outfits

GameJudgment's Emily Clarke examines how female characters are depicted in video games and longs for female characters that are more than just skinny, scantily clad wimps. (Culture, Gears of War, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, World of Warcraft)

noxeven  +   1788d ago
I really never viewed many female characters as wimps, in most the games i play if i have a option to customize my female characters usually end most power in the end.
sunnygrg  +   1788d ago
Big boobs and skimpy outfits are just fine. Please keep it that way.
evrfighter   1788d ago | Offensive
SactoGamer  +   1788d ago
And here I thought was just me noticing this. /sarcasm
pat_11_5  +   1788d ago
Take a look at fighting games. I've honestly never thought about this issue the way the author does in this story.

I'm supposed to believe that these big breasts muscle-less women can beat up that big hulking brute of a man? It just doesn't make sense.
Myst  +   1788d ago
Well when you have a fighter like Ivy in SC4 fighting against these guys. I would have to assume their eyes would be on two things on the body and that can be quite the distraction. A good one, but a distraction nonetheless lol.

Other fighting games that don't utilize weapons? Vanessa from VF has some muscles as well as Leona from KOF. Which reminds me we need another KOFXIII out now.
coryok  +   1788d ago
type muscle woman into google images and see if you still want the girls in your game to look like that. they cant remove them and they cant make them look horrible, its a game, just play it.
Neckbear  +   1788d ago
But there ARE muscle women in videogames. Picture related. This one in particular is also voiced by Pikachu, no joke.

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Katana Yamato  +   1788d ago
Vanessa Lewis from Virtua Fighter is muscular but not overly muscular. You can identify she's a woman. Though i don't know why she's wearing a regular bra instead of a sports bra.

Just because a woman can have muscles doesn't mean she has to look like a bodybuilder. There are female Fitness competitors who aren't overly muscular but have definition in their muscles.

I agree with the author of this article saying that muscular men aren't geared toward sex appeal. Their aim is to make the player feel powerful and masculine. Also alot of men in games have a variety of body types while not alot of women don't. I can look at the cast of Team Fortress and see a variety of body types for men but not for women.

Not all women are big breasted, there are women out there with smaller breasts who are just as sexy as well or with medium sized breasts. And not all women have the same body type. I just wish the gaming industry would offer more variety in female body types then is the typical norm of big breasted and tiny waist figure.
Inception  +   1788d ago
Hey, i like Vanessa Lewis from VF. She had great Vale-Tudo moves, which is why she is my fav char beside Sarah, Akira, and Kage Maru.
jc48573  +   1788d ago
girls don't think find muscular guys sexy?
pat_11_5  +   1787d ago
I don't think the author is saying to make them look like giant body builders. I think she's just saying that they should look a little more muscular and not just like little girls in skimpy outfits.
blackburn5  +   1788d ago
In real life if you were in a fight against a woman like Ivy it would probably be best to concentrate on not dying rather what she is wearing or how big her breasts are. Also people don't seem to realize that women like her would be extremely deadly. They probably would slice you to bits if they caught you ogling them.
Gen0ne  +   1788d ago
Ugh, these complaints are based around the restrictions of reality. Which is a kinder way of saying, it's a game dummy... go with it.
burger_bob   1788d ago | Spam
ChrisW  +   1788d ago
The only reason why female armor gets skimpier in MMOs is because it's one of the few ways they can maintain interest in leveling.
Greycat_James  +   1788d ago
How about content? More game content would keep me more interested in an MMO rather than my female character's clothes shrinking. My WoW Fem Night Elf's clothes have been shrinking off her ever since I started. It's actually getting on my nerves.
pat_11_5  +   1788d ago
I honestly wonder if that's true, In some ways I think it might actually be. MMOs are often designed to be intentionally addictive, it could be seen as just another incentive to play by developers.
Inception  +   1788d ago
Well, what can i say, sex sells. Not just in video game but on every aspect of Entertainment (movies, music, comics, etc).

And i don't understand why women complain about this? last time i check the mayority of women in this world want freedom, emancipation, or equality like man. They don't want restricted by traditional norm or rules that make them look weak / frail than man. So they got it! freedom, emancupation, equality, or things that make them comfortable when lookin into the mirror.

But until now i always seen some women speak about freedom / emancipation, and in the same time they complained about how the media are wrong when showed women with boobies and skimpy outfit. Lol, they brought this by themself and now they're complaining???
Katana Yamato  +   1788d ago
Because having woman appear solely for sex appeal is objectifying them. Same goes for men, but men don't have a history of being treated as 2nd class citizens, women do. Men have more power in the world then women do and there are still sum countries in the world where women don't have equal rights as men.

And sex isn't the only thing that sells ya know. People keep bringing up that tired line. Its just advertisers are lazy and not creative enough and use the easiest route to sell a product. You can have a product sell just as well and not demean half of your audience. You can make the ads or commercials be more funny and such.

I remember the Little Caesar Pizza commercials from the early 90's not stooping in having sex in their commercials to sell pizzas, and they were quite memorable. But when you have woman like Paris Hilton doing a slutty Carl's Jr's commercial, you have to wonder why marketer's only appeal to one demographic alone and leave another out totally, when women buy products just as much as men and maybe even moreso.
Inception  +   1788d ago
Good post bro and i agreed with you. But women this day wants 100% freedom, including showing their body for public consumption. If they feel like some object, well, they had their part for this matter too.

For sex sells, i'm tired with that line too and i hope that practice will, somehow, reduce in the future...
Pozzle  +   1785d ago
Does sex really sell though? Most high-selling games either sell due to hype, good marketing, or because they come from a popular series. It's rarely based on how sexy the characters are.
burger_bob   1788d ago | Spam
distorted_reality  +   1787d ago
There is a disturbing lack of big boobs and skimpy outfits in that article.
iWishTifaWasReal  +   1787d ago
Tifa Lockart?

everyone? o.O
Enigma_2099  +   1787d ago
Most game devs are male... they're catering to mostly male gamers... you win the "No S***" award.

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