TSG reviews- Ryo Ga Gotaku 4 (Yakuza 4) ~ The Sony Geniuses

What do you get when you put together a loan shark, shady detective, death-row inmate and an ex-yakuza? One hell of a bar fight, or one hell of a tag team. Sega decides to go outside the spotlight of the famous ex-Tojo Clan chairman, Kazuma Kiryu, and spreads the focus out to three newcomers to the series as well.

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showtimefolks2552d ago

i really hope next year sony/sega close out this series for us here in the states with the 5th one with zombies and guns

overall anyone who want to play gta on foot in japan but much more combat style get this

story is usually really good/great
great looking cutscenes
and if you haven't played the first 3 shame on you but you can relive the whole story in the 4th

try to play 3rd first than go to the 4th well try to play all 4 and see what a masterpiece this series is

and how much of a under rated PS3 EXCLUSIVE this is

disturbedcobra2551d ago

It is a great series, the only one I didn't play in full was the 2nd one. Played the demo for of the end and it was ok, but you don't use combat in that, at least not as much as you normally would. It is all guns.