Gaming experts feel "Homefront" was far too risky and may have been a bad decision.

Homefront has experts in the gaming industry questioning whether it will be a hefty financial mistake for THQ. Although the game looked promising to begin with we have noticed some questionable twist and turns in Homefront's ability to deliver the product gamers were anticipating.

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stlbeast12673d ago

i heard this game was sweet

Myst2673d ago

I've said in a few other topics related to it and I'll say it again. The MP is fun when it works lol. Just now about to touch SP and I've had the game for two days now I think? I definitely like it a lot more than BlackOps back when I still had it. Though it's technical problems are akin to those of F:NV freezes and crashes mixed with Damnations own as well.

Not to sure how many people would feel upon seeing the MP game mode selection of capture and hold, TDM, and then the Battle Commander variant of each. So essentially just three modes. Though I must admit the C&H is rather fun play that one the most [if a match can be found]

As much fun as I've had with the game I would tell people to wait at least until further patch notice has been given for both PS3 and 360 due to the hard freezes and the matchmaking being a pain. Though when it's all fixed I would say check it out and see if it's worth it. I personally do but I haven't played a whole lot of FPS games.

stlbeast12673d ago

id have to have more than 3 game modes for sure but i still want to get it

Myst2673d ago

I hear ya. Three certainly feels underwhelming along with the story if you like the SP part of FPS games.

Dramscus2673d ago

The single player is sweet. It's only four or so hours, though parts of it are really challenging which can add to the time a bit.

Regardless though it's fun and has lots of story details packed into it as news articles strewn around.
They show a lot of detail about the future world the game takes place in.
It does kind of cut of right as it seems to get going but it's still about as long as most other shooters with a mp component.

The multiplayer is really fun. It's got a good rewarding system that doesn't really put anyone at an disadvantage too much. The vehicles spice things up quite a bit and the maps are really large. Sometimes a bit too large for 32 player maps, they could do with double the amount. Sometimes you spend a little bit running towards where the battle is without seeing anything.

PhilieDeee2673d ago

This Game is the Best game "I" have EVER played since COD4

MagicGamer2673d ago

It's a good game , but I agree with the article. It has no place in the same price range as a Call of Duty Title.

Dramscus2673d ago

I agree the really should stop charging so much for call of duty.
It's like a 30 dollar game at best.

SicK_Scope2673d ago

I mean i have an ISO of this game i would never waste my money on buying it. but if it were a lil bit less i might buy it.

hiredhelp2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

You have a image. this best news on n4g somebody edmits they have downloaded this game.
i dont blame you SP visually terrable they said they used latest unreal 3 engine.

MP locks up my ps3 they dont know when be fixed on the ps3.

By the way bubble voted cos you said you have a ISO.

stlbeast12673d ago

i agree with u im gettin an iso from now on

Ducky2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

... So downloading ISOs is good now or what?

StrmKyk2673d ago

I agree about this being over priced and some what of a let down.

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The story is too old to be commented.