Bitmob: Mortal Kombat isn't shocking any more, but it could be

Video game violence has come a long way since Mortal Kombat got everyone all hot and bothered in '92. Unfortunately for the franchise, fatalities are everywhere nowadays. Mortal Kombat's brand of shock is in need of a makeover.

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choadley2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

It's shocking enough for Australia at least. I'd be pleasantly shocked though if the game doesn't break down under the scrutiny of high-level play.

Ninver2824d ago

Oh STFU! the game is by far the best in the series.

DragonWarrior2824d ago

I agree beaver. Change is what ruined MK in the first place. It went back to its original formula and its finally fun again. Actually its the sickest fighter ive ever played in my life, and that was just going by the demo!

Blad3star2824d ago

You should play Blazblue

DragonWarrior2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I understand what the author is trying to say, but Im so sick of hearing these asshole media types talk about change change change. Change is what ruined traditional rpgs'. But when games like COD, crysis, halo, and Gears come out with the same shit just little tweaks here and there they get free passes. Look at Crysis. Downgraded graphics, no more destructiblity, and worst of all, the quality differs depending on the platform. Im so sick of these piece of shit sites like Bitmob, gamespot, 1up, and the like cause all they do is get devs and publishers to change games the way they see fit. They act like the vocal minority that they represent is what the industry stands for. And its so ridiculous cause they are the reason why gaming sucks right now. Ever since the internet became standard in gaming, its done nothing but ruin games. Now games are shipped broken, to just get patched later down the road. And now metacritic is how devs and publishers decide if they made a flop or not. The media and the internet is killing my favorite hobby and its killing me in the process. Its getting to the point where im not even looking forward to the games that are coming out cause its been nothing but disappointment after disappointment since this gen has started. I miss my old rpgs, I miss having good single player games. If it wasn't for Sony first party studios I would have given up on gaming period.

RedDead2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Damn i'm so sick of coming into the comments section and seeing true fanboy crap like this^^ Tell me those Sony games that have made some changes then....

Oh and play lost odyssey for an old Rpg experiance.

DragonWarrior2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Your obviously slow. I said change is whats killing gaming. If it wasn't for Sony making games like Motorstorm, Uncharted, God of War, Killzone, Heavy Rain, Modnation, LBP, ect, ect.. (I really could go on), I would be bored to death of video games. The only genre Sony has yet to conquer this gen is the rpg genre. Oh and the fighting genre, but Mvc and MK own that so no big deal. They have depended on Squeenix for far too long. They switched sides and only care about Nintendo and xbox.

BTW, if im wrong about the games listed, please compare the games i mentioned to games that are supposedly better. I would love to see what you think are better games than the ones i mentioned.

DragonWarrior2824d ago

I did play Lost Odyssey. It was lame as hell. Sorry dude. Is that all you got?


So true friend! A sudden death blow in mk? That doesn't really fit the game at all. What a dumb, random suggestion to base an entire article off of. You know what else would be cool? If in the middle of a match mk turned into a side scrolling shooter like contra. Too bad that's completely fucking random and has no place in such a game. Mk is as voilent as it needs to be.

Wow. Bad article.

xstation792824d ago

I was agreeing with you until you said sony. Now your just another fanboy who somehow thinks that sony is doing something different. They release broken games just like the rest.

colonel1792824d ago

John M from the comments on the site read my mind. What the author s suggesting is more suitable for a Killer Instinct game than Mortal Kombat, since MK is a slower game. I would definitely like to see improvements on the fatalities, like tag team fatalities, or more realistic reactions to hits (after an X-Ray move being unable to move the leg).

Let's remember that this game is the first that gets Mortal Kombat right since it became 3D, and if this game is successful (which will be) they are going to make another one, and it will definitely have better ideas implemented on them. So let's be patient, and enjoy this one first

nolifeking2824d ago

Keep bushido blade outta my mortal kombat

Rocket Sauce2824d ago

No crazy man shouting "FINISH HIM," nothing over-the-top like bashing someone's head into an oncoming subway train...just a regular move that happens to kill the other guy? Sounds like the anti-MK.

I think the new game is plenty shocking. Noob Saibot's fatality made me feel a little sick.

MK_Red2824d ago

Man, Noob's fatality was something. Seriously awesome.

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