Why Final Fantasy 13 was a success (part 1): Revamping the battle system

Final Fantasy 13 met harsh criticism in some corners of the games press. Was it treated fairly? Or did reviewers overlook its more groundbreaking aspects?

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DangerTick2678d ago

It wasn't a success. It was the worst Final Fantasy game ever made (next to the upcoming sequel that nobody wants).

Blaze9292678d ago

if it wasn't a success they wouldn't be bringing out a sequel...

DragonKnight2678d ago

That's not exactly true. There are plenty of examples of unsuccessful, critically or commercially, games that got sequels they didn't deserve.

Furthermore, this article is speaking of success in terms of the game, not of its sales.

Finally, the game sucks. In terms of a game it's mediocre, in terms of a Final Fantasy it's the worst in the series by far.

Toenado2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Remember when square enix said they had almost another whole games worth of content that didnt make it into ff13? Everyone thought they would use that as DLC. Instead they will use that content to make a bunch of money off a sequel to the most terrible FF I have ever played.

blitz06232678d ago

While the game had its awful points, I still liked it. It had good graphics and I enjoyed the battle system enough to eventually get the platinum trophy. So it wasn't really a terrible game IMO. They just could have done so much more with the game's potential.

gorebago2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

It reminded me of an interactive anime. I see alot of similarities between ff13 and dragon age 2. I like both games.

I know a bunch of people that liked ff13 and are excited for -x2.

gorebago2678d ago

It reminded me of an interactive anime. I see alot of similarities between ff13 and dragon age 2. I like both games. I def wouldn't replay ff13 though but I was hooked on it.

I know a bunch of people that liked ff13. I'm excited for -x2.

erathaol2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

You know what, I'm going to go finish FFXIII. I have it and i wasted 10hrs on it. May as well see what these people above liked about it.

MaxXAttaxX2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

I believed the game would be as great as the previous games.
With great exploration and an open world like FF12 and the storytelling of other FF games, like FF6, FF9, FF10, etc.
Except with an improved battle system and prettier graphics.

BUT all we got was pretty graphics and a butchered stat system. Scratch that. Butchered game.

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EYEamNUMBER12678d ago

selling millions and millions of copies isn't a success?

what is the world coming to honestly now

Toenado2678d ago

Only if you are a stock holder.

iamtehpwn2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

There are a lot of small things I appreciate about Final Fantasy XIII namely, restarting a boss battle directly much like Kingdom Hearts. It was always such a hassle whenever I was sent back to my last save game, especially in an area that was scarce in Save points and my health was near depleted.

While the Experiment was a bit of a failure, some aspects of it weren't entirely unsuccessful

snaz272678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

i thought some things they did were retarded though, like some boss battles it would put you back before to cut scene, some of them have two or 3 seperate sections too, so you had to walk to where the cut scene loaded, then skip all 3 sections of the cut scene before you could try again, i thought that was stupid, plus the game is far far to easy, i just felt like i was going through the motions most of the time... Or just xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx win, yay! Lol.

snaz272678d ago

i've recently rented this game... I've never been a fan of final fantasy or turn based games... My opinion is it started pretty slow and easy, but then as they added more and more things and it became slightly more difficult... The story is ok but way way drawn out with lots of silly dialog that just wasn't needed, i even cringed sometimes lol... The graphics on the ps3 were ace, with some pretty good dramatic cut scenes... I've gotten to the part where it opens up to more open world and i've now kinda lost interest, i don't know what it is, just seems like a crap environment with loads of creatures (too many) kinda looks like pokemon or something! Wasn't for me really. But i was kinda surprised i got that far before giving up. I thought the first half was ok. The rest i can't be bothered to play lol.

Perkel2678d ago

Actualy i think after few playtrou that game is one of better final fantasy games.

Battle system alone is best of all jRPGs not only FF.

Story is good but bad directed, there are just only two towns because for almost whole FFXIII they are on the run.

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Godmars2902678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

This goes beyond facepalm

Godmars2902678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

There's nothing wrong with liking, or not liking it actually, but to say it was a success when there was so much complaint about it, ignoring that it was the lowest selling title in the franchise despite being multiplatform when others sold better on one, is something else entirely.

2678d ago
coryok2678d ago

ff9 & 12 both sold under 6 million while 13 is already over 6 million and still selling a bit

its definitely a success, it made lots of money. i also liked it and i thought the battle system was nice, but i didnt like the leveling system :( and i could have gone with more gran pulse type places rather than the corridors

DragonKnight2678d ago

coryok: It's mulitplatform while the other FF's you mentioned are not. Try again.

FFXIII is a failure.

coryok2678d ago

@dragonknight irrelevant... godsmars290's argument is that it was the lowest selling, depsite being multiplatform. but its not the lowest selling

Godmars2902678d ago

Dude, my comment was in regards to quality as well as sales. Talking only of quality, especially in comparison to past games in the series, FFXIII was an utter flop. Failed to get the majority who played it involved in its story. Lacked towns, mini-games and even an overworld.

When you look at how JP gamers were returning their copies to stores within a week, if XIII had been a better game such wouldn't have happened.

Morbius4202678d ago

i'll bet most people who bought it never bothered to finish it. that says fail all over it.

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TheFreak2678d ago

FF13 sucks big time. I have never played a more linear RPG in my whole life, such a disappointing game.

femshep2678d ago

final fantasys have always been linear the only difference is you didnt have to waste time in pointless towns, you still had side missions you still have the char dev that final fantasy is really about and you still have to grind like no one's business

just cause they did something different doesn't mean its bad it means people can't accept change which is a true thing

snaz272678d ago

i've never even played a final fantasy game before, well not that i can remember anyway... And i thought it was pretty crap, so your argument really doesn't stand up im afraid... I couldn't even be bothered to finish it.

femshep2678d ago

well if you never played one before you shouldnt even talk, you have nothing to compare too stop trolling and go learn what real games are

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