Microsoft Confirms Fate of Original Gears of War’s Multiplayer Servers

Despite Gears of War 2′s many additions and patches since its launch, thousands of players have sworn their allegiance to the original. Something that may have those players shaking in their little boots is whether or not Gears of War’s servers will remain intact after the finale’s launch. Fortunately, the nail-biting can come to an end, for Chris Wynn,

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Echo3072825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Good to hear but it's a silly question. It's still popular and the original Gears is a P2P game, which means they only have to keep matchmaking servers online. Matchmaking servers are extremely low maintenance and it likely takes very few of them to handle the load the original Gears still has.

The games that people will have to worry about are games like MAG, Frontlines and Shadowrun. Those games require full dedicated servers and will be taken down a lot quicker. Sad, because despite dedicated servers being the way to go for multiplayer games, they're also shut down quicker than P2P games like CoD because of cost and maintenance.

Headquarters112825d ago

Good! now I can keep crabwalking hahahahaha

emitcowboys2825d ago

Thank God.... Still the most fun i've ever had on the box

Lich1202825d ago

Agreed! Its actually impressive how many people are still playing it too.

Neko_Mega2825d ago

So can we have Halo 2 to download from XBL with online?

Because that ticks me off that I can't play it online anymore on my Xbox or even on the 360.