Under Siege may be the best $20 PSN investment

While Under Siege is Seed Studios’ first outing on the PlayStation 3, the game is looking magnificently bright. It's clear that gamers will want to check out this high-quality yet affordable RTS adventure game, coming exclusively to the PlayStation Network.

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blusoops2553d ago

been waiting a while for this

Rynx2552d ago

I loved Warcraft III, and even though I'm not expecting this game to be on that level of RTS depth, I am though expecting to get my money's worth.

I barely spend the $15 asking price on some of these current PSN games (I can't even think of a game I did spend $15 on). But with this game I will gladly shell out the $20, I need closely follow this.

blusoops2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Hope ps+ members get a discount of some sorts. Also will be playing with move. I liked the controls on ruse so I'm hoping this will be similar.

Jpinter2553d ago

The game looks great! Only $20 and comes with tons of features.

slinky1234562552d ago

Be playing with the Move :)

ToastyMcNibbles2552d ago

Was wondering what was going on with this title. Can't wait for it definitely downloading day one.

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