IGN: Halo: Reach Top 10 Kills of the Week

IGN counts down the ten best multiplayer kills from Halo: Reach. Air assassinations, mid-air splatters, death-defying leaps of faith, and much more.

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Father Murder X2703d ago

One look at these videos and you can't help but understand why this game is head and shoulders above anything else.

BiggCMan2703d ago

Hmm, thats just an opinion, but its definitely a great game. I don't play as much as I used to since it came out, but I play here and I play there (Sheen reference XD) There really is no bad Halo game, they are all of high quality. 343 will have some big shoes to fill, I hope they don't fuck up. These video are always fun to watch as well. I uploaded a few back when the game came out, never saw them on the site :(

DigitalPiracy2703d ago

I traded in Reach because it didn't really suit me but these replays are fantastic.

kaveti66162703d ago

I also got tired of Reach.

Not enough memorable maps.

Halo 3 had so many good ones like Guardian, the Pit, Avalanche.

These Reach maps are not as memorable.

SixZeroFour2703d ago


funny thing is, they are adding the classic playlist on march 29th, which is 9 remakes and tweaked gameplay thing im looking forward to in the playlist update...theres also community big team and a hockey playlist that im curious about

kaveti66162703d ago

that's good to know.

at least they're listening now.

one of my favorite maps was lockout on halo 2.

the halo 3 remake called blackout didn't have the same atmosphere.

I hope they add last resort and an official guardian remake, as well as high ground, and beaver creek.

SixZeroFour2703d ago

Battle Canyon - beaver creek [CE,2](battle canyon in forgehub?)
Dreadnought - derelict [2](dreadnaught in forgehub?)
High Noon - high ground [3](assumption)
Hydro - damnation [CE](hydra in forge hub?)
Magus - warlock [2](magus definition is sorcerer/astrologer)
Prolonged - last resort [3](guess)
Prophet - midship remake [2,3](prophet in forgehub?)
Rat Trap - rats nest [3](assumption)
Rockout - lock out [2,3](assumption)

if my guesses are right, there is no "the pit" but i wonder why cause ive seen great remakes of it already...but this is a first go, and they could easily add on in the next playlist update(as they have with the community slayer playlist)

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DigitalPiracy2703d ago

I'm just not very good at Halo I guess. It takes too long to kill someone and when I'm just about to somebody else comes in and finishes them off lol. Also, I've really grown to prefer the heavily team oriented style of Battlefield over the run-and-gun of CoD, Halo, etc. I get more satisfaction out of being in cover behind a wall with my teammates while deploying ammo, running into open gunfire to revive people, having debris flying all over as buildings are torn apart by RPGs, etc. Intense!

BX812703d ago

Finally some one gets it! I feel the same way about pac-man.