Ready at Dawn Hyping "AAA" Console Title - NGLB

Ready at Dawn is best known for their great PSP support, but the jobs section of their website hints that they are about to make a splash on the console scene as well. Here is a snippet from their job posting:

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ZombieAssassin2825d ago

Sweet, I've always wanted to see what they could do with home consoles.

hiredhelp2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


hellzsupernova2825d ago

action adventure i like the sound of that!

Quagmire2825d ago

It sounds like sweet honey running down the back of a brunette stripper

Im so glad they announced a 3rd Person Action Adventure, and not another FPS as so many devs seem to do.

TheKindRoost2825d ago

with all the experience they got from the gow series, I hope they can create a worthy contender to gow.

cochise3132825d ago

I'm interested to see what they're able to do. The psp god of war series is awesome.

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