Crysis 2 vs Killzone 3: The Unwinnable Fight

TitanReviews writes: All over the internet there is a console war ablaze with fans of Killzone 3 trying to defend its title of the best looking console game to date from Crysis 2. I’m not here to extend this argument, but to just put the facts straight.

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Balt 2556d ago

Not to me it's not. I own them both and I prefer Killzone 3 in every area. Even though KZ3 has a weak story, so does Crysis 2. The graphics and raw nature of KZ3 is by far and away better than anything seen in console fps. KZ3 is a non stop action ride -- Crysis 2 has its moments, but they are few and far between. KZ3 never lets up. It's almost overwhelming at times.

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hennessey862556d ago

cant wait till friday so i can judge for myself.

Pandamobile2556d ago

"Crysis 2 has its moments, but they are few and far between. KZ3 never lets up. It's almost overwhelming at times. "

And that's why a lot of people didn't like KZ3's campaign. Games need pacing. If you just throw explosions and action at a player for 6 hours, it's not going to be a very good experience.

Just look at games like Half-Life 2 for example, which is pretty much the pinnacle of single-player FPS games. It's got near-perfect pacing, which means all of the action is balanced out by periods of downtime where you just get to explore and look around; talk to NPCs, solve puzzles, etc.

RedDead2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

This ^^^

Non stop action isn't good. I'm gonna use FFXiii and FFX as an example. Both were just about as linear as each other. However FFXiii was completely repetitive, why? Your whole playtime consisted of nothing but running and battles and I couldn't I finish it due to this, FFX however had things to stop you from constantly battling, Side quests, Blitzball, Temple puzzles and towns. This is FFxiii's downfall to me.

Half life 2 is a better example than this due to the genre but you get the point...Or atleast you should get the point.

Although what can I say? I haven't even played K3. I got bored of K2's single player though, I stopped at the same place Multi map Pyrrus rise is.

04soldier2556d ago

Reddead bubs up well said.

I'll give crysis a try when its cheap. and form my own opinion.

But I absolutely love KZ3 Mulitplayer. It is hands down the best reason for owning the game. Its balanced with the classes and has great depth to it.

Although I didn't finish the SP portion yet. I don't feel motivated to do so..

Beefstew4u2556d ago

Personally, I found Half-Life 2 boring as all hell. Never even finished it (although I was playing the ps3 version which tended to run at 10fps at times).

Pandamobile2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Well, if you found HL2 (the most critically acclaimed FPS game of all time) boring, then maybe you should stick to whack-a-mole shooters like Killzone.

04soldier2556d ago

Thats your opinion and you can stick to it. But personally I think your opinion is #$%^

Beefstew4u2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

What's so great about it? Even for its time, the graphics were incredibly bland, the environments empty, the story was lacking, and the gunplay was average. The only thing the game had going for it was the physics-based stuff which isn't all that special anymore.

I'm not saying Killzone 3 is a very innovative game, but from a gameplay standpoint, Crysis is on a different tier from Half-Life 2.

Edit: Heck, even Halo 3 and Killzone 2, with their almost non-existent stories were much better games than Half-Life 2.

ThanatosDMC2555d ago

Gravity Gun... damn good gun, especially when it got upgraded near the end.

Phantasm2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

In my opinion... I have grown to the liking of the slower paced, with action at times, type of FPS's.

The Crysis franchise lets you move around more with it's open areas, and gives you the choice to take the stealth approach.

As for The Killzone franchise... I love the series, because it's an absolute gorgeous no holds barred quality gaming experience.

Out of all my top FPS experiences that includes:

Red Faction 1
Halo: Combat Evolved
Killzone 2,3
Crysis 1, Warhead, 2

Half-Life 2 is my favorite. The story, depth, gameplay, balance and length are simply amazing.

Again... This is just my opinion.

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starchild2556d ago

Exactly, Pandamobile. Good games have good pacing. Crysis 2 has good pacing. The gameplay in Crysis 2 is also a lot more varied and dynamic than in Killzone 3. Graphically Crysis 2 is more advanced than Killzone 3 and it does it all in much larger environments.

Biggest2556d ago

It's sad that people like you can repeat over and over that "Crysis 2 is also a lot more varied and dynamic. . . more advanced and in larger environments. . ." Why ignore the fact that Killzone 3 has more going on? We're downplaying Killzone 3 in this very article because it's non-stop action, but also ignoring the fact that it is non-stop action on screen all the time. There is more happening at all times in Killzone 3. Killzone 3 runs at a higher resolution, has a MUCH more advanced enemy AI, better FPS, and far fewer graphical glitches. It's fine to convince yourself that Crysis 2 on consoles is setting a bar. But remember those things I just pointed out. One day you may wake up.

jrbeerman112556d ago

Biggest, its sad that you cannot like more than one game

Biggest2555d ago

I'm not sure where you read that I only enjoy Killzone 3. Someone lied to you.

Master of Unlocking2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

@ starchild
GTFO troll. You own neither a PS3 nor Killzone 3, how would you lnow. Killzone 3 wipes the floor with not just just Crysis 2, but just about any FPS on any system. Graphically it is pure gold, period.

Jazz41082555d ago

I found crysis is to be in another league over kz3. Kz3 was boring to me and I thought kz2 was bettter. Crysis does so much more being open and destructable enviros and better story and longer game and in my opinion better graphics even on the 360.

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JANF2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

I own both games and both are very impressive in the graphic department, but if a had to choose one i will go with Crysis 2.

BloodyNapkin2556d ago

I must have gotten a different copy of Crysis 3 then most people for my PS3. Cause Crysis 2 multiplayer it doesnt look half as good as KZ3 multiplayer.

Theonetheonly2555d ago

If you bought a copy of crysis "3" then i wouldnt know why you would be comparing crysis "2" Mp.

tell us how crysis 3 is does killzone 3 still look better in 2016?

AKS2556d ago

I have enjoyed the campaign of Crysis 2 more (so far; playing the PC version) and the online multiplayer of Killzone 3 more. I like both quite a bit.

SoulMisaki2556d ago

Picked it up around noon today, played abit of the campaign.

The graphics are the best ever in a MULTIPLATFORM RELEASE. Remember that, those words mean something. Even so, I really love the gameplay and the campaign being so long really adds value.

I personally still think Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2 both have better graphics, technically and visually. It is simply because they are on stronger hardware, and built only for that hardware.

If a game is built for one system, and one system alone, it will always look better than a game which is built for multiple systems around the same time period. (I say this because there's no way Perfect Dark: Zero looks better than Crysis 2)

Anyway, now you all know my opinion, I don't care if I get agrees or disagrees, I just felt like sharing it, Let me know in some replies how you feel about Crysis 2, it's graphics, it's gameplay, or anything else about it.

Active Reload2555d ago

Although KZ3 looks excellent, Crysis 2 beats it. I find it hard to imagine how people see it otherwise.

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theonlylolking2556d ago

Crysis 2 IMO is the best multi-platform FPS. KZ3 IMO is the best FPS on PS3.

ForzaGT2556d ago

agree on the ps3 killzone 3 is the king of FPS

Kon2556d ago

The Crown belongs to the Battlefield series

ceedubya92556d ago

As long as you're talking about quality, then those games definitely measure up. Now, if sales are anything to go by, then Call of Duty is the King of FPs's.

cstyle2556d ago

Crysis 2 is the new king of FPS. Ive played it and KZ3. It flat out looks better. It much more colorful and its a blast to play. maybe uncharted 3 can dethrone it but i seriously doubt it. The cry engine is just too sweet.

ASTAROTH2556d ago

WOW!!! Now for you KILLZONE 3 has no colors . That alone make me wonder if you really played the thing. Crysis 2 is amazing. The best looking multiplatform game rigth now. . . and the best looking 360 game. But its very different to compre it with KZ. First KZ 3 is more linear... yes but the screen in KZ3 is filled with lots of things including lots of helghast with incredible AI fighting for their lives. Crysis has huge skyscrapers vistas and incredible water efects and over 3 enemies at a time figthing dummy for their lives.

Next the ligthing . . . both look great in the ligthning dept but people. . . the overuse of bloom doesnt make a game more realistic or graphically better.

Textures pop ups in the 360 version are frequent and also there are a lot of low res textures on the backgrounds... something criticised in KZ3. So KZ has better textures.

Also on the 360 ( thats the version Im playing) there are notticeable frame dips and screen tearing. Nothing of that is visible on Killzone 3.

On the plus for Crysis over Killzone is the "open" world enviroment and the MP. So overall both are incredible games but dont be blind by the overhype...

I decided to play it on the 360 to see what the 360 is cappable of. Im happy with what the old 360 can still do and very exited to what it could bring ( Gears 3!!!). But im no fanboy and unfortunately Crysis 2 is a tad below Killzone 3 quality. For PS3 gamers... at least you can enjoy both.

For 360 gamers... stop playing the damn war of wich game looks a frame and a light better on X platform and enjoy the games. . . also thankx Crytec for showing that your beloved 360 has life on it. Im very proud of it. . . and Im anxiously waiting for more non KINECT goodness.


Sackl3ot2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

server-1, are you dreaming? Crysis 2 is so blurry.

Crysis 2 is the new king of FPS my ass. Let alone KZ3, it can't even beat Bad Company 2 in term of graphic(console version).

cstyle2556d ago

No im not dreaming. Its you guys that cant admit that killzone3 and uncharted 2 has been beat in the graphics department by a multi-plat game.

theonlylolking2556d ago

Crysis 2 looks better than KZ3 if you are playing it on max settings on PC.

SLLCKGT2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

They are both good I'm playing Crysis 2 right now but KZ3 is miles ahead of this. Oh and I don't know if people were actually serious about the graphics. It might be the best looking on 360 don't know since I don't have one, but its definitely not better looking then KZ3.

cstyle2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

You're in denial. I have both and crysis 2 is better looking. Crytek delivered. No more of that only can be done on PS/360 bull crap.

SLLCKGT2556d ago

What are you smoking. Have you played KZ3 even? Have you seen how the ocean moves? Have you seen the snow fly up during a gernade explosion? Crysis doesn't have any of this. Even firing the gun looks generic.

hoops2556d ago

"Have you seen how the ocean moves? Have you seen the snow fly up during a gernade explosion? Crysis doesn't have any of this."

And all the lighting effects, Shadows, Natural lighting & dynamic soft shadows, Dynamic volumetric light beams & light shaft effects and Interactive & destructible environment are all in real time and done in a larger more open environment. KZ3 has none of this or to that level at all.
So in the end it's a wash. They are both equally the same and impressive in graphics because both are different art styles and both do things the other does not.

XabiDaChosenOne2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

So before Crysis was superior now they are the same hoops? why the change of heart XD

"Shadows,dynamic soft shadows." Couldn't tell because the shadows are so crappy in the game, why bother with a feature if its going to be half assed?
"Interactive & destructible" Again a feature that is almost half assed.

byeGollum2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

The nanosuit is what makes Crysis different from all other FPS for me.

KZ2 was the best looking FPS back in 2009, there was no game competing with it Visually.

But in 2011, KZ3 got competition, we have Crytek's Crysis2, the game is more impressive Visually and technically. Personally I find Crysis2 is also more enjoyable gameplay wise.

it's not about the ps3 or 360, it's the developers. Crytek weren't playing around when they said they were gonna make the best looking console game.

SKullDugger2556d ago

I agree its not about the consoles, but the game and I think crysis2 is a better game then KZ3 on both consoles.. Good job Crytek on both versions PS3 and 360.

Active Reload2555d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. I think KZ3 looks better than KZ2, the environments are bigger and they've actually added better coloring to the theme and art style of the game without sacrificing the original intent. But when I see Crysis 2, I see technical muscle, I just don't think there is any engine out there that can bring such realism to video game consumers. Crysis is pure tech while everything else is more artful...