Possible Mercenaries 3 Incoming?

EA is working on a secret 3rd person shooter which will have heavy destructible environments. Is this the new Mercenaries game that they have been working on since 2009?

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PandemicPrawn02586d ago

If those bastards at EA have the stones to release another Mercenaries title after they kicked Pandemic to the curb.

Then they will not see any more of my money.

Sorry Bioware.

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DOMination2583d ago

Boo hoo mate. Pandemic released a slew of average games. Most were even kept on at different studios anyway. EA are on a roll and big John Ricotello a man that deserves some serious recognition. If you're gonna not buy their games over a reason like that then it's really your own loss.

RedDead2586d ago

The first was ahead of it's time, the second was mediocre...The third? Pandemic are gone :( Fu** You EA :)

ChronoJoe2583d ago

Pandemic didn't keep up. Every current gen game Pandemic had, sucked. Their franchise is now, likely to be in better hands than it was with Pandemic, in the end.

Johandevries2583d ago

The Saboteur did not suck

ian722583d ago

I agree with you about The Saboteur not sucking, Pandemic did a good job on that game IMO. It was a very good open world game. I have completed it and found it a quite enjoyable story.
I also liked Mercs 2, but not as much as The Saboteur though.

ChronoJoe2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

It wasn't great. The story was awful, gameplay so-so. It was kinda like wanna be mercenaries.

ThanatosDMC2583d ago

They need to make it as good looking, as big, and as fun as Just Cause 2. Co-op was ok but it sucked not being able to roam far away from your friend.

badz1492583d ago

then you suck! it's a very good game! although Merc2 sucks and i don't know what the hell were they thinking with that but The Saboteur certainly not a good reason to sack the whole studio down for!

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Cajun Chicken2586d ago

It's Mercs Inc. The once canned game. Got brought alive by a leaked showreel of a ex-employee of Pandemic last year.

hiredhelp2586d ago

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I was gutted when the devs lost there jobs i never thought i see another mercanaires.
nobody has ever made a game like this. sabatour wasnt the same.
i need another sequel please.


Kon2583d ago

Please, just make it like Mercs 1, because the second was horrible. Man, i don't know how many days i spent playing the first. Amazing game back in the day

Neo Nugget2583d ago

Unlocking that second area......good times.

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