G4tv: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Review

G4: "I’m pretty sure the less you’ve played of Street Fighter IV prior to this version, the more fun you will have with this game. I’m being hard on it because I really love SFIV and I wanted a fully portable perfect port of the game for gaming on the go."

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Jio2821d ago

I have never played Street Fighter IV. Rented it, wanted to buy it, but sadly never got around to it. Now is the perfect opportunity for me then

TXIDarkAvenger2821d ago

I'm pretty sure any fan of the SF series would like this port. 3D doesn't really matter to me, in fact on day 1 of its release, I'll probably just test the 3D out but then just turn it off after testing. I tried it, I would give it a 4/5.