Secret Level Ep. 15 – PAX East 2011 – Primal Carnage Developer Interview

At PAX East 2011, one of the developers on hand was LukeWarm Media, showcasing their game, Primal Carnage. Still in development and set for release later this year, this first-person shooter’s ambitious foundation pits humans against dinosaurs. Yes, I did say dinosaurs and yes, you can BE the dinosaur. The game play is CRAZY amazing and has to be seen to be believed. Just imagine making the earth shake as a large T-Rex or stealthily moving at high speeds as a Velociraptor, hunting humans that are armed enough to make you extinct. To preview this ambitious title we have the honor of speaking with Lead Programmer for Lukewarm Media, Terri Gast, check it out!

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9thGenHero2822d ago

I think I'll be choosing either the T-Rex or Triceratops in this game...the concept is crazy and from what I saw they are nailing the execution, on top of that, 3D?? Damn!


I'm glad you are killing it on the interviews.

Hitman07692822d ago

This game took me by surprise and looks crazy awesome!

9thGenHero2822d ago

One other thing, seriously, the indie developer movement is here, so many games are reppin' hard, we need to show love and support because these developers like LukeWarm Media could be the next Epic Games or Naughty Dog, I just picked up Swarm and Slam Bolt Scrappers today!!

Leonesaurus2822d ago

Primal Carnage looks fucking awesome!! Major props to the guys over at LukeWarm Media! I'm definitely gonna pick this game up when it releases and recommend it to my friends also around launch time.