Left 4 Dead 2's 'Cold Stream' DLC Beta Now Up

RespawnAction: "The beta for Left 4 Dead 2's 'Cold Stream' downloadable content is now up for testing and Valve wants the community to provide as much feedback about it as they can. "

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DangerTick2529d ago

They should stop milking people with this DLC and make L4D3 for PS3 instead.

Bear_Grylls2529d ago

It's free user made content that was so good that it got added, again it's FREE!

Well only if you play on PC that is lol.

Solid_Snake-2529d ago

playing the dlc now. pretty good level.

its good been a pc gamer...getting to beta test dlc and the best thing is its gonna be free.

bumnut2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

I also played it last night, its good. The part where you try to get out of the tunnel with the sun in your face is pretty cool.

God bless you Valve, and all of your free content.

But please hurry with Half Life 3.

BeastlyRig2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

PC players like on going support & constant up dates!!
Team Fortress 2 has been up dated almost 130 times!
Console players like part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 etc..

We PC players like our games to grow into perfection!! not be rehashed on a yearly base! so stfu or play on jesus's platform pc!!


Edit: It's a shame that now that BF3 is coming BF4 might be in 2012 to give console players their year by year fix :(

evrfighter2529d ago

this man speaks the truth.