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Sony’s premier first person shooter returns with a bag of new tricks and refinements to the original formulae. It’s not the pure FPS experience it once was, but has a better story than previous games in the series.

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gamekudos2587d ago

This was a very impressive shooter, just too easy and short compared to KZ2. Also Move integration worked.

TBM2587d ago

I love this game, and this is the first multiplayer experience I could get into and really enjoy. Im 21/45 levels so far.

Also I think the reason it feels shorter even on veteran (only played that so far) is because its a lot more fast paced than KZ2. I know it felt that way to me, but I didn't care.

I love the KZ series and I wouldn't let anyone tell me otherwise.

MerkinMax2587d ago

The game felt like it was just running from set-piece to set-piece with no real breaks in the action. A game like Killzone could have benefited from some downtime in between set-pieces. But I still enjoyed the action immensely!

callahan092587d ago

That's my thoughts exactly, gamekudos. I thought the story and presentation in Killzone 3 were much improved of Killzone 2. The Move integration and controls in general in Killzone 3 are a big improvement over Killzone 2 as well. But the game was quite short. It was gorgeous and very impressive and tons of fun, but sooooo easy. Killzone 2 was much longer and much more challenging, but it wasn't as impressive, as gorgeous, as good in the story department, or as easy to control. I love both games, though. I wish they would re-implement the controls of Killzone 3 into Killzone 2. I'd play it again so many times. I LOVE the Move controls on KZ3. So good.

mattfong2587d ago

I reckon it was more accessible than KZ2 and MP was easier to get into. Move did work in campaign but maybe in MP.

Not sure if I prefer COD or KZ3

fungmi2587d ago

COD Black Ops owns KZ3 in MP

Aussiegamer2587d ago

really? Is that why I returned my copy of shitops after 4 days and I have finished kz3 twice and loving mp.

Kon2587d ago

Not Sure if serious...

mattfong2587d ago

I should have said COD Modern Ware fare 2 not COD, KZ3 is really amazing looking ... just wish it was a longer ... but that feels like how a lot of games are going.

2587d ago
mattfong2587d ago

Anyone out there own a 3D TV and can say whether it adds to the game?

gamekudos2587d ago

We did not review the game in 3D but having played it a few times via 3D TVs I can say it emotes ... wouldn't say it changes the gameplay.