Exclusive modern first-person shooter in development for PS3?

PSFocus writes: David Cage, the boss of Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) has been ask by Sony for his advice on the development of a exclusive first-person shooter for the PlayStation 3. What game is this going to be? Does Sony want to fight the big franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor?

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DrRichtofen2821d ago

Wow that'd be cool for Sony to have their own battlefield/ call of duty like game, I wonder what studio Might be working on it.

justRonald2821d ago

It could be Zipper. I think that's possible because I can't see them doing a new MAG. They could make two teams: 1 for SOCOM, 1 for new game.

Warprincess1162821d ago

I don't want zipper to do it. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing developers but the actual shooting in their games aren't smooth as COD and battlefield. I rather have Guerrilla Games do it. Killzone 3 mutiplayer is really fun and amazing.

captain-obvious2821d ago

lits hope that it doesn't suck like most shooters out there

hiredhelp2821d ago

I rather have Guerrilla Games do it.
----------------------------- ----------
they have a new ip on going at the moment could be another fps. but dont think it be kz4.
----------------------------- -----------
what studio Might be working on it.
----------------------------- -----------
the boss of "QUANTIC DREAMS" (Heavy Rain) has been ask by Sony for his advice on the development of a exclusive first-person shooter

be nice to see what this be like guys.

BattleAxe2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I don't want Zipper or Guerilla Games to make this FPS if this is true. I'd like to see a fresh take on the FPS genre. Socom4 looks too much like MAG, and I don't want any Killzone Influence in this new FPS, which is what would happen if GG were to make the game. Its kinda like DICE making the multiplayer for Medal of Honor where it ended up being Battlefield Lite. I'd be interested to see if Sony Santi Monica could come up with something good...

hiredhelp2821d ago

WOW now that would be EPIC God of war creators to make a FPS. just them words sell me.

RedDragan2821d ago

Need a new Heavy Rain type game to be honest, they have the engine that was used in that game so now improve it and give us a Sci-fi story involved shooting or something!

Some sort of Earth under attack sort of thing with a 15 hour story and many different endings.

MysticStrummer2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

@RedDragan - Agreed. I read somewhere that a sci fi game was exactly what Cage was working on next. That made me think it could be something along the lines of movies like Solaris or Moon. A Heavy Rain style game set on a space station, or an isolated moon base, that explores the psychology of isolation. Seems right up his alley. I don't know why people automatically assume Cage is being consulted about a military shooter. That seems highly unlikely to me.

sikbeta2820d ago

I like the idea of a modern shooter, a Sci-fi shooter maybe, not so much "advanced" (in time) as KZ games would be great...

I_find_it_funny2820d ago

it's hard to come up with something fresh in shooters now

Vherostar2820d ago

Hopefully not Zipper as there view on the battlefield/COD type game is differnt and isn't everybodys cup of tea. I LOVED SOCOM 1 and I reckon most who played it who went onto play COD did too. It was the original COD back then before it went online. However it's now a really bad system compared to its rivals and is let down on too many fronts.

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Eyeco2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

YAY WOOOO!!! more shooters, keep em comming we haven't gotten sick of them just yet.

BiggCMan2821d ago

This^ I can't understand why you all keep going back to shooting games. Its the same damn thing over and over again, whether its Killzone, Halo, Crysis, Gears, Call of Duty, Resistance, Battlefield, hell even Socom. Theres next to no variety in these games whatsoever. I am seriously taking a long break from shooters because I see they aren't moving anywhere. Killzone 3 was my last for now, and I was pretty disappointed with the direction they went to cater towards the mainstream. My next few games will be different genres definitely. Shooters have become so generic this generation.

Etseix2821d ago

i was going to skip this article when i read -shooter- but then i read that David Cage was asked for something on this game, wich means!... well i can only think on a FPS with a GOOD/AMAZING story . :D

damnyouretall2820d ago

shooters are my favorite though. but i think after frostbite 2.0 there might not be much room left for innovation this gen. just keep them comin so i can choose the best shooter to buy. i like options

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callahan092821d ago

David Cage's very first game, Omikron: The Nomad Soul, was partially a first-person shooter. It was extremely unique and it combined elements of fighting games and adventure games in this really well-fleshed out sci-fi world. It was a great game, in my opinion, I have very fond memories of it. If they're asking David Cage's advice on a first-person shooter, I'd expect it to be a game that's heavily story-driven and atmosphere driven, with a high emphasis on adventure and a unique setting. It certainly isn't going to be a Call of Duty type of game. My brain is tingling with anticipation!

I_find_it_funny2820d ago

I remember Omikron, tried to run it recently on Win7, but no luck

Joni-Ice2821d ago

I thought they did. Its called MAG!

ThanatosDMC2821d ago

^ MAG didnt fail. It's just hard to get into for newbies and even worst for people who want to try it since it's ruled by clans. They either get kicked during the match or get slaughtered. My friends hate MAG but love COD games since they can actually kill people.

dragon822821d ago

MAG didn't even come close to failing. It's just not a game for COD noobs. The learning curve in the begining is too much for the average person to deal with. Once you get a few levels in and join a good clan it is some of the best online gaming around. Not to mention that there is zero lag while playing with up to 256 players on one map at a time.

MysticStrummer2820d ago

@Ronald - MAG didn't fail. It's not noob friendly like the CoD-heads need/want. Bad Company 2 didn't kill MAG, then Black Ops didn't kill MAG, then Killzone 3 didn't kill MAG, and now Crysis 2 won't kill MAG either. MAG is my favorite online game of this generation by a mile. So epic. OT - Why does everyone assume this will be a modern warfare game of some kind? I'd say David Cage's involvement would point to something very different, which makes me interested.

CryofSilence2820d ago

justRonald has too many bubbles.

MAG was neither a commercial failure or game failure. It excelled in both, especially the latter.

baodeus2820d ago

MAG isn't a bad game. Far from it, but the problem is finding a good match (people that actually want to play strategically vs run and gun). It is a hit and miss kinda game so that is the limiting factor for MAG unfortunately. It is a massive action game, but fail as a mass apeal game.

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Thatguy-3102821d ago

If I recall GG are working on a new IP which most likely will be a FPS..Didn't information surface that quantic dream wanted to work on an emotional war game ? Is it just a coincidence ? Or can we expect a GG/QD game :D All I know is that E3 is going to kick ass !!! I just feel that many new IPs will be shown to us ") (ex. 8 Days, hopefully agent, that one move horror game, that one crytek game for the xbox etc.) XD !!!!

xAlmostPro2821d ago

It could even be guerilla games, wanting to have a break from killzone development.. however

Either im pretty sure if they do make one it will have an awesome storyline if they're asking this guy xD

NanoSoldier2820d ago

A modern Shooter with Killzone Engine would look great.

djreplay2820d ago

I think he played Resistance 3, they took the quote out of context.

CryofSilence2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I need to find out if it's true and who the developer is before I can begin to get excited. For now, this remains as a cool rumor. One thing is for sure: if Cage is a consultant, then the game is pretty much guaranteed to have a deep story.

showtimefolks2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

for those who don't know

GG after killzone 3 have moved onto a new IP which is also a FPS but not KZ4(KZ4 could be a launch title for ps4)

zipper will be free after socom 4 but might be busy with after launch dlc and updates

SM are working on 2 new games after GOW3 one could be HS2 other a new IP

this E3 sony will announce that the development on eight days and getaway 3 has restarted

so david cage is the one left for FPS that would be cool he don't mind taking risks so he may bring something new to FPS gerner

likedamaster2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

It's called Killzone 3, and it's pretty awesome.

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Godmars2902821d ago

why do we need another FPS?

Vojkan2821d ago

because unfortunately that's what sells.

stuntman_mike2821d ago

the thing is you get one excellent FPS and the gaming community rape it into oblivion until the market gets over-saturated.

Godmars2902821d ago

If we have to have another shooter, I want to see something like 8 Days. Uncharted but revved up. and drop the modern warfare settings, got with urban even if that means fewer weapons. A stealth option as in Metal Gear or crowd recruitment as in Assassin's Creed.

-Alpha2821d ago

I agree, I think Sony has enough. More exclusive shooters only creates more internal competition and that isn't always good either.

The FPS market is being done to death this year, it's hard to stick out when players are spread so thin across so many games.

I really want Sony to support more (J)rpgs and Japanese games

Eyeco2821d ago

the same thing happened last gen with RPG's the gen before that arcade racers were everywhere, gen before that fighters/ beat em ups, gen before that platformers, gen before that 2d space shooters.

every gen has a genre that dominates the market.

Bear_Grylls2821d ago


I usually agree with you but "I think Sony has enough"

You can never have enough?I think Sony has enough

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jriquelme_paraguay2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

maybe is a god FPS... like MAG... but better
or a Warhawk like in FP

2821d ago
Stealth20k2821d ago

boring ass genre with gameplay that doeasnt change

Supraman2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

You mean RPG's?

theonlylolking2821d ago

It should be made using the Killzone 3 engine and it has online multiplayer maps like COD4. I think they should work on it getting 60fps and when in 3d it is 30fps. If 3d is rendering 2 pictures at once then 1 picture should run 60fps and split screen should be 30fps.

Online multiplayer maps:They should be like COD4 so there can be quick firefights
Framerate:60fps, 30fps in 3d and split screen
Time period:Modern or 10 years in the future