Classic Games that Should Be Rebooted for Next-Gen Consoles

Bitmob: Greetings Fellows gamers. With so many classic games getting HD remakes (like beyond Good and Evil HD) and the recent announcement of a sequel to the nes classic River City Ransom. I thought of some games I think should get remakes or maybe new games on all the current consoles.

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Yi-Long2673d ago

- Turrican
- Rallisport Challenge 2
- Superfrog
- Nights
- Sim City 4

MariaHelFutura2673d ago

bushido blade for the playstation move

DelbertGrady2673d ago



Shadow of the beast!

The Last Ninja!


kyl2772674d ago

The article is right, Rare really has fallen from grace after the N64-PS1 generation ended.

Dart892674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

You can blame microsoft for that.

And i want these to get a reboob or HD remake
1.Legend of Dragoon
3.Mega man x
5.Army men
6.Monster rancher
7.Chrono cross
8.Syphon filter
9.Vagrant story
10.Soul reaver
11.Parasite eve
13.Silent bomber
14.Vangaurd bandits
15.Metal slug
17.Winback: covert operations
18.Digimon world
23.Breath of fire
25.Dino crisis
27.Tales of destiny
28.Ninja Shadow of darkness
29.Wild arms
30.Dragon valor
31.Saga frontier
32.Thousand arms
33.Speed punks
34.Legend of Legaia
35.Eternal eyes

Think i've made my point:).

hellzsupernova2674d ago

i agree to a certain extent but i also think that rare might be half to blame or maybe the 360 audience cause they made several games on 360 that must not have sold well enough so microsoft just relagated them to making avatars lol. and i agree with your list :D

TXIDarkAvenger2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Fuck Microsoft lol. Its there fault that there isn't a new Killer Instinct. Microsoft wants Rare to focus on making kinect games. On a side note, Rare was an awesome company when it was working with Nintendo and not Microsoft.

NotSoSilentBob2673d ago

I am still hoping for a Champions or Norath game this Gen.

RedPawn2673d ago

Guardian Heroes
Legend of Oasis

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The story is too old to be commented.