Big Download: Homefront Review

With all things considered, Homefront's gameplay seems like it's designed more for the 1990s era than a game that's releasing in 2011. It's a linear shooter with a paper thin plot and characters, that entirely uses checkpoints instead of manual saves. It reaches for some sense of gritty realism, then does everything it can to ensure it never happens.

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fossilfern2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Look this game is almost a carbon copy of COD, A slightly better one at that, yet this gets average scores everywhere while COD is crapped out every year and gets all sorts of 8s,9s,10s. Double standards at its finest

edub10262702d ago

I respect what COD4 brought to the FPS table, but at the same time the other COD's that followed ruined it for every other FPS. People want to compare the mindless MP that COD offers to everything else and when a company makes something different it gets trashed, and if they make anything similar they're clones. Yes I play COD and No I don't suck. I'm not saying Homefront is the greatest but it's definitely better than most.
Games are meant to be fun not pretty! That's why we still love emulators