What Makes A Great Boss? MGS3, Metroid Prime 3, Zelda Wii & More

Level Up's N'Gai Croal: Speaking of Metal Gear Solid 3, I haven't forgotten my promise to reveal my favorite boss fight of all time. It's the confrontation with The End. I still remember stepping into that area, seeing The End's intro cinema and thinking, "No, it can't be," only to enter the gameplay proper and realizing that, oh yes, it was indeed going to be a hide-and-seek sniper duel. A battle of wills, a test of patience, with numerous ways to accomplish the task at hand. The "holy s--t" moment for me came when I'd taken position atop a ridge and was scanning the other side of the map through my sniper rifle when all of a sudden I saw a glint of sunlight reflecting off the scope on his own weapon. I was gobsmacked, as they say.

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HeartlesskizZ4058d ago

Just seeing that picture of THE END reminds me how fast that grandpa was.
He should be in Mario/Sonic Olympics =)

MK_Red4058d ago

Good one, he could beat both Sonic and Mario if he doesn't fall sleep.

But seriously, Kojima is god of 3 things: 1.Making the most dramatic and deep stories. 2.Creating most memorable characters. 3.Making the best bosses of gaming with Psycho Mantis being my fave. Love The End but nothing comes close to Mantis and that's why I almost had a heartattack when I saw "the Beauty and the Beast" trailer.

HeartlesskizZ4058d ago

If I seen a sneak pick or hear from Kojima him self saying The Sorrow is back.... then my 99% of hype will turn 100%.... he is my best and favorite one of all bosses after Vamp

Itachi4058d ago

missile fight with vulcan raven was the best

and the sniper shootouts sniper wolf

The end was the most toughest boss battle last gen

Regret4058d ago

Took me more than hour with The End :O

All bosses in MGS series are unique. The Sorrow is great. I had to encounter a lot of enemies. I'm not much in sneaking XD

MK_Red4058d ago

OMG, how could I forget MGS3's The Sorrow. I change my mind. My fave boss of MGS is a tie between Psycho Mantis and The Sorrow. (Loved his story, battle and look)

Rooted_Dust4058d ago

The End wasn't that hard to beat if you decided not to go the "Sniper Duel" way. All you had to do was find him once then use the thermal goggles to follow his footprints right to his next hiding place.

Regret4058d ago

Through whole game i havent use any secondary equipment, Goggles, sonars etc. Actually microphone saved me after i realized there is really some use of that equipment.

I was more into whole story than gameplay. The Boss and every cut-scene is what i'll really remember. Like 10 hour long masterpiece movie. Ending cut-scene was remarkable.

Mainman4058d ago

The ultimate moment for me when fighting the end was when he sneaked up behind me.

I was lying there sniping, I have a 5.1 surround sound, and all of a sudden I hear breathing. Before I looked behind me and there he was, lol.

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Hatchetforce4058d ago

While I enjoyed The End, I actually had a more tense time with The Fury. Something much more dangerous about him. I was playing MGS3 Subsistence (I have the Existence version along with original MGS3) last night and I still discover things in that game. Here I am with the latest hot game for my 360 and I am playing a PS2 title on my PS3. Kojima definitely did something right.

Itachi4058d ago

the fury yeah every time snake got burnt i felt for him

Regret4058d ago

Was like WTF? when Fury explaind his story and in the end when he launched. ROFL

OsolidOsnakeO4058d ago

One of the best is the end.....i love and like to make the battle with him more than 2 hours....

xionpunk4058d ago

Having The End sneak up on you, all creepy like, is one of the few things in video games that scared the hell out of me. Tracking him down over that huge area in the forest was intense as hell.

beavis4play4057d ago

but something happened the first time i went against him and wondered if it ever happened to anyone else?

i had finally got a partially clear shot at him. he was behind a fallen tree and his head and shoulders were exposed. i took my shot and missed him.-BUT I DIDN'T MISS HIS PARROT! i took out the parrot and "the end" came unglued. he was screaming "you killed my parrot" and shooting random shots everywhere. i wish i had a video of it because that was a great moment. i've tried since then to do it again on diff. occasions but never managed to do it.
anyone else ever have this happen?