Big gaming disappointments

You hand over all your hard earned money and expect a game to be decent, right? Megabits of Gaming picks some of its biggest gaming disappointments.

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moparful992823d ago

He claims it was killzone 2 becaus of "warehouse grinding"?? He claims that they added a bunch of tedious sections to lenghten the game but what makes me laugh was if the game was any shorter then everyone and their mother would be b!thcing about how short it is and not worth 60 dollars blah blah blah.. Tittie babies man never satisfied...

Ibwib2823d ago

It took me nearly twelve hours, but I have the thumbs of a 90 year old washer woman, it's probably a quicker game if you actually have decent reactions!

That said, one of my gaming resolutions this year was to not bitch about game length. Portal and Split/Second have pretty much defined short, sharp, fun and doesn't outstay its welcome for me recently, and thats the ideal for now. Be as long as you like if you can maintain my interests, but if you lose my attention or pad things out to reach some magic number of gameplay hours, then you've lost me.

moparful992823d ago

I honestly don't know how long killzone 2 took me to complete but I could care less.. Thats the mark of a great game, whenever you can play through a game and you enjoy it soo much that you don't even notice how long it took.. On top of that I dumped 200+ hours into the multiplayers so I got my money and then some out of it.. People are always looking for that magic combination of length, content, graphics, yadda yadda yadda to justify a purchase and for me the only thing I look for is enjoyment.. If I enjoy a game and it's not stupid short then I'm happy.. But on the same foot if a dev decides to add sections to lengthen the game then I'm fine with that as well.. I like those sections as it allows me a little time to catch my breath if you will... It's only on multiple play throughs that those sections become irksome... So I guess it's in the eye of the beholder.. My opinion is that length should never be an issue as long as its not to the detriment of the quality of the game...

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Ibwib2823d ago

The game that just missed the cut on this was Resident Evil 5, which was a huge disappointment as a Resi game, but a good enough co-op action game to get a pass. Just.

Spinal2823d ago

I returned both my Killzone 3 and Black Ops to the shop got almost all my money back in trade at gamestation.

I got my KZ3 for £40 traded for £30
I got my Black Ops £25 traded for £23

So im happy. I'll be getting Crysis 2 tomorrow looks alot more fun than both games mentioned.

Killzone 3 campaign really a let down for me and multiplayer was ok but got boring fast. Back to playing Bad company 2 on my PC. So ill wait for BF3.

BiggCMan2823d ago

Crysis 2 is pretty much the same average as both of those haha. You will be trading that in as well if you traded in the others.

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The story is too old to be commented.