Official Tomb Raider Trilogy PS2 to PS3 Comparison Screenshots

GameDynamo - "Today, Square Enix released a handful of PS2 to PS3 comparison screenshots for the upcoming Tomb Raider Trilogy for PS3. The side-by-sides compare Tomb Raider Anniversary and Tomb Raider Legend to their PS3 remastering..."

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Hedberg2825d ago

been playing it the past 2 days.....glad they did this... looks great and nice to play it with the dual if the ICO Collection would get here we'd be in business :)

badz1492825d ago

it's out already? *goes to ebay*

Kon2825d ago

Sony failed strategy of marketing strikes again

Lekumkee2825d ago

I fail to see what's Sony have to do with marketing a SquareEnix title.

rezzah2825d ago

I didnt know it was out until i saw it in Gamestop today. Still I wonder if I should get it as I never played any game in the series except for the demo for the first one on the PS1.....Could never get past that Tiger in the cave lol.

dmonee2825d ago

The PS2 version looks a little better in some screens? Anyhow, controls are sluggish, if not a little improved. Good games, that haven't aged well.

BattleAxe2825d ago

I started playing Tomb Raider Aniversary lastnight for the first time on Steam. I'm a big Uncharted fan, but I actually think that Aniversary has aged increadibly well, and I can see where Uncharted was influenced by the Tomb Raider Series.

dmonee2823d ago

youre correct. I personally was never a big tomb raider fan. Doesn't mean they weren't great. it's hard to play games like uncharted and assassins creed, then to go back to tomb raider. It's tough. I should have stated that before I claimed they havent aged well

clearelite2825d ago

I didn't know it was out and I read about video games almost every day. Gotta love Sony's marketing here in the states. Now that I know about it though, it will be on my list. I think there is a PSN Tomb Raider I will have to pick up. Just got dead nation for $7.50 and Stacking for free. PS+ was a great investment.

BoNeSaW232825d ago

Lekumkee already said it guy: "I fail to see what Sony has to do with marketing a SquareEnix title."

Sony is not responsible for 3rd party publishers advertising. "IF" They do not financially back the title, they will not waste marketing for it.

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