Tax relief for UK gaming industry

@XG247: TIGA is the association that represents the UK video game industry as a whole. They’ve been good enough to come out with plans to make it so more cash can be pumped into the R&D side of development studios by boosting research and development tax credits (this means these departments will pay less in tax). This plan is supposedly worth around £7million to the industry.

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Galvanise_2702d ago

7 million isn't very much at all considering the sheer amount of UK based studios.

ANIALATOR1362702d ago

still, it's better than nout

Galvanise_2702d ago

Indeed. Its just a shame that the government won't give decent tax breaks. The UK is losing out to places like Canada.

MonkJammas2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Is this not a bit of a misleading headline? It was my understanding that the video game industry has NOT been given Tax Relief. R&D Tax credits have been increased which is good, but this is a different thing to tax relief.

norman292701d ago

We get 1p (yes thats not a typo) knocked of our fuel too so cheaper shipping costs......

powney912701d ago

It's not exactly what the UK gaming industry needed, but its a start :)

stuntman_mike2701d ago

its a good start, hopefully this will start some good competition between UK based companies and hopefully some better output.

And sony UK can start making the getaway 3 and 8 days again...