Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 'Reverie', a new beginning (Rely on Horror)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was one of 2010′s best games. Despite the reluctance fans may have had to accept a new 3D entry in the classic franchise, Lords of Shadow proved to break that 3D “stigma”. We reviewed the game and gave it the highest possible rating due to it being a complete package and offering one very memorable quest. But as we learned soon after the release of the game, that quest would be far from over.

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Ahasverus2820d ago

I'm the biggest LoS fan in the world... and I found this DLC a rip*-off. Gameplay wise is majestic, storywise very interesting but the price was too high for 3 levels and a cliffhanger.

Croash2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Well I guess it's still better than most of DLCs these days since it actually offers interesting content(and it was developped with the sequel in mind and not removed from the original game).

What worries me is that a second DLC is coming and I can already guess it will also have the $10 price tag.
$20 for about 2-3 hours of gameplay seems too high.
They should have sold the DLC for $7, like Dead Space 2 : Severed (which should have been sold for $4 or simply put on the damn disc).

I'll still buy it (or them), as I want to support MercurySteam. There aren't that many Spanish developers out there, and these guys know what they're doing. They must bring us a sequel.

Edit: It's annoying not to know if the DLCs will be bundled at a lower price, as I wouldn't want to get ripped-off when I could have waited 3 weeks.

Ahasverus2820d ago

I agree, I bought it, and I enjoyed it, its a beautiful package and the three levels are completely top-notch (especially the last two, especially the last one that was perfect) but the price was too high :( -- but yeah people still buy horse armor they should buy this, it deserves it!

SnakeMustDie2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Underrated game. I'll just wait for the DLC price to drop.