Mortal Kombat Kountown: Sektor

Kontinuing our Mortal Kombat Kountdown and keeping the cyborg warrior theme we come across the cyborg ninja Sektor. Introduced in Mortal Kombat 3, Sektor combines the traits of both a stealthy ninja and a ruthless killing machine fit for modern warfare. Unlike Cyrax, he never bothered to try and recover his humanity. Designated unit LK-9T9, Sektor was the first member of the Lin Kuei clan to undergo the transformation process. He was sent (along with Cyrax) to find and kill Sub-Zero and attempted to complete his mission twice (both in Mortal Kombat 3 and Gold), but never succeeded. Certain events would leave Sektor as the last remaining cyborg warrior. Smoke having been captured and shut down in an Outworld prison, and Cyrax becoming a member of the OIA.

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TastyTreats2825d ago

One of my favorite characters

DistrictMime2825d ago

I like him more than cyrax.

TastyTreats2825d ago

hell yea! net throwing bastard