Mortal Kombat - This TV Commercial rocks incl. Shang Tsung Debut

Take a look at this awesome and first Mortal Kombat TV Commercial feat. some Gamplay Footage and cool Sounds.

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rezzah2704d ago

I cant believe they brought it back!

I was kicking my bros ass in the demo and outta no where..."Toasty!" lol

Kon2704d ago

The lack of blood is strange.

mc-fine2704d ago

I hope that means there is a no gore option.

LOGICWINS2704d ago

This commercial will air on MAINSTREAM television. Thats why theres no blood. Its the same reason why God of War 3 commercials lacked blood, even though its a big part of the game.

MK_Red2704d ago

It's just one of ESRB's new and stupid laws. They can't show much blood and gore during most of trailers and TV Spots. That's why only few of the YouTube / net exclusive trailers like the Kratos Gameplay vid or playable Demo's "Kombat Kontinues" trailer had blood and gore AND even they were censored.

Check out Noob Saibot's fatality from PAX East.

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