GameSpot: Top Spin 4 Review

Top Spin 4 is tennis at its best. From the off, you're never in any doubt as to the authenticity of its simulation, thanks to the tight controls, great visuals, and in-depth online and offline career modes that make you feel like a professional tennis player on his or her way to the top. Though it sticks to its simulation roots, the new helpers make the game much more accessible, while improved tutorials teach you about different styles of play, making matches tense and strategic and as much fun to watch as they are to play. This is the standard by which all future tennis games will be judged, and as close as you can get to the real thing without picking up a racquet.

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humado2590d ago

LOL so this game is better than crysis 2 ,dragon age 2,killzone 3 and dead space 2?

will i think i should try the demo

Syaz12590d ago

you know, just because it got a higher score than the games you mentioned, doesn't mean it's better than them. the 9/10 is just the rating for the particular genre. just saying.