GameSpot: Top Spin 4 Wii Review

No matter what mode you choose to play, each is ruined by a frustrating control system that saps all the fun out of the game. Poor visuals do little to add to the experience either. Blocky character models are plagued with jagged edges and stilted animations that lack fluidity and realism, failing to capture the feel and speed of a real-life tennis match. Courts don't fare much better, with each surface lacking detail, making them just look like blocky coloured blobs surrounded by a lifeless crowd. By attempting to create a realistic control system without the support of Wii MotionPlus, Top Spin 4 never manages to make you feel like you're playing a game of tennis; instead, it leaves you frustrated and more likely to simply throw your Wii Remote down in disgust.

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InfiniteJustice2800d ago

Just for anyone wondering, Gamespot gave the PS3/360 versions 9/10

blackblades2799d ago

Well that says it all the wii is dead lame and needs to go away, bout every game that went to the wii got low scores.