GameSpot: Rift Review

This is an online RPG in which you spend your time rushing from rift to rift, completing quests, and joining your guildmates in dungeon runs--not checking the official forums to see when the servers will be coming back up or wondering how long it will be before the auction house is added. If you're burnt out on fantasy MMOGs, you may not be able to look past Rift's more derivative aspects. But if you seek a comfortable blend of the old and the new, this is the online RPG you should be playing.

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pangitkqb2794d ago

Rift seems pretty cool to me. Gonna have to take a look at it.

thehitman2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Been playing since open beta and Id give the game a 9 and I am a huge mmo player who played numerous mmos rift is a solid MMO and more importantly the game seems to be run by a good company who fixes bugs asap and listens to the community about improvements.

BTW he should go back to update his review because last big patch last week made it so lower lvl mobs dont agro u as easily when running through, which adds to me saying they listen to community and are improving the game still.