Top 5 Games Announcement We Want to See in E3 2011

E3 is approaching faster than expected, and this isn’t a problem at all because we all get excited once this event draws closer. Many would want to hear ground-breaking announcements to keep their gaming thirst alive,

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Tommykrem2827d ago

A bit sceptic to 2 Human Too, but it's a nice list.

BK-2012827d ago

Yeah I saw ZoE and was like hell yeah but then saw Too Human and was like WTF?

miyamoto2827d ago

LOL! Exactly! ZOE will change everything again!

kosovo2827d ago

Solid list. Syphon Filter 5 is my numba 1 pick

dgroundwater2826d ago

Yeah. Just get Logan rolling like a fool, Lian Xing, and a bunch of big levels to mess around in. Maybe I'll just go back and play SF1 and 2 haha!

DragonWarrior2827d ago

ZOE, Battlefront 3, Starhawk, Dragon Warrior for an HD console, and cross game chat for the psn and Im good till the sky falls down.

Shok2827d ago

ZoE 3 is all I want.

The_Firestarter2827d ago

Same here, buddy. I've been begging for ZOE3 since 2006. It's killing me.

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The story is too old to be commented.