Eidos Montreal Not Developing PC Deus Ex In-House

The Deus Ex series may have gained its renown on PC, but consoles are clearly driving the development of Human Revolution.

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Ahasverus2701d ago

Oh God here comes the PC rant...

imvix2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )


Guess where that console got its high tech from? it was left overs from previous gen PC hardware.

If PC wont be getting proper development, i can assure you people will stop buying hardware for it too. Companies like AMD and Nvidia will be trouble. The small business they do get from console wont be enough to keep them afloat.

Good luck relying on Sony or Microsoft to develop a competitive GPU part.

evrfighter2700d ago

pc gamers have long since said goodbye to the deus franchise.

BeastlyRig2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

no rants!!

they still giving us what we want!!

It will be the best version Im happy with that!

Ahasverus2700d ago

So what? I don't care about specs, I care about games :P

WhiteNoise2700d ago


They aren't doing it in house because the PC version is getting a whole bunch of extras aided and funded by AMD.

Yep tessellation, shader model 5, absolutely shattering news /s

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MidnightWatcher2700d ago

People go where the money is and, at the moment, the money is in consoles. So no matter how powerful your PC is or how great the specs are, the money is console and will be for the next decade or so

Johandevries2700d ago

Doesn't explain the original design choice. Metro 2033 was ported from PC (lead platform) to 360 and still an enormous success

MidnightWatcher2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

sorry, but do you mean the port to 360 was a enormous success or the game was a enormous success?

Substance1012700d ago


The money is cattering to all platforms at once. PC software sales are quite strong. However its more favorable for them to cater to 3 platforms instead of just one.

Why do you think games like MGS Rising are now coming to PC. Its not like consoles dont have the sales. The point is catering to more platforms the better chance of more sales and since PC happens to be the platform which is far ahead in tech, it also happens to be the platform that suffers the most for multiplatform development.

MidnightWatcher2700d ago

I understand companies developing for as many platforms as possible, but what i was getting at was PC die-hards bashing a game for not being developed for pc than ported to consoles, but then go on about how get PCs are.

Johandevries2700d ago

I thought one year ago they said it was the other way around.


yaz2882700d ago

OMG !!!! are they series about this , WTF ?!

Syaz12700d ago

it's not necessarily bad, though they are a few bad pc ports around. me1 was ported by demiurge studious, but it didn't turn out bad, in fact it was nicely optimized for the pc. plus i'm sure dx11 is confirmed for the pc version, so i'm guessing this studio is just helping the main team optimize the game for pc in terms of graphics and controls.

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