Rift vs. WoW: Can’t We All Just Get Along

Back when Trion Worlds unveiled their Rift pre-launch trailer a couple months ago, they took a mixture of cheers and criticism for using the tagline “We’re not in Azeroth anymore.” By drawing a comparison to the top-of-the-market MMO from the start, it seemed the game was inviting more of a comparison from gamers familiar to the world of Azeroth who would instead argue that Rift was a WoW clone, or that it had drawn ideas and parallels to WoW.

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moe842498d ago

Those of us who are MMO players, and most of us who just plain hate Blizz-Vision would love to see a new game rise to the top. But, this whole "We're not in Azeroth anymore" is already getting old. I really hope Trion isn't banking on their current marketing ploy. If all they have is "We're not Blizzard, lol" I don't see it ending well for Trion.....

ChrisW2498d ago

I'm praying and wishing that SWTOR and GW2 will be good enough to make people forget about WoW, EQ, and Rift.

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