Child of Eden Interview

Tetsuya Mizuguchi is a unique character in the world of game development. His approach to design is a mix of real world inspirations, whether it be a book or a vacation mixed with a desire to entice all the senses within the context of his created worlds. His latest project, Child of Eden is looking to take the concepts he put forth in Rez and crank it up to a whole new level of visual enchantment and immersive gameplay. We actually got a chance to sit down with "Miz" as he's affectionately called and discuss his gaming philosophy with him. Check it out.

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insertcoin2674d ago

Child of Eden is definitely the best title since Dance Central to get me excited about the Kinect again.

stormeagle62673d ago

I played some of it, and there's a whole lot of trippy stuff in the visuals.