Red Faction: Armageddon Ruin Mode Interview

After a hard days work, sometimes you just want to smash and destroy things. THQ understands that need and delivers a solution in their latest game mode for Red Faction: Armageddon called "Ruin", which plays like the name sounds. We took an in depth look at the plot and the latest game mode with lead writer, Drew Holmes. The only questions left now are, who is Mr. Toots and will there be tiger blood?

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dbjj120882827d ago

Still never got around to playing the first game... maybe I should before this lands.

humbleopinion2827d ago

And after you do that, better go play the second and third games. RF Guerrilla was not the first in the series you know :)

dbjj120882826d ago

Yeah actually I did play the original games, just not the first in this reboot series.

insertcoin2827d ago

I want a hammer, so I can destroy Mars.

stormeagle62827d ago

They call me... MR. Toots!