Four SOCOM 4 topics from Zipper's discussion

Zipper Interactive took part in a SOCOM 4 conference call on Wednesday. Here are four topics that the Gamer Sheep website took from that discussion.

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HeroComplex2823d ago

5 person customizable co-op? Did I read that right? Incredible!!!

All my other games are getting the boot when this comes out.

gamersheep2823d ago

That did seem like the best part of what Zipper was saying. Seems like a good way to play with friends.

metsgaming2823d ago

if i get this game (based on beta) i feel like the coop would be my favorite mode

gamersheep2823d ago

Yup. There are people who don't multiplayer but do want to play with friends from all over.

ThanatosDMC2823d ago

Let there be a zombie mode... i mean, why not? 5 co-op buddies surviving in a large map.

callahan092823d ago

MAG is my second favorite multiplayer FPS this generation (closely behind Unreal Tournament III), and SOCOM 4 is sounding really awesome now so I absolutely can't wait for this!

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arizona-techgeek2823d ago

The co-op sounds great. We'll if they pulled off nicely.

dizlaoboi9162823d ago

Another great article from the dudes at too bad the jag offs in therr comment sections have already gone ape shyt over zippers socom 4 beta, dont people know this is the rebirth of greatest??!!?? Zipper and ps3 ftw. I suspect the people in the comments section are just jealous 360 fanboys who havemt evrn played the beta. Someone should teach them a lesson

gamersheep2823d ago

We'll have much more on the phone conference with Zipper during our Friday podcast. It will get posted Saturday.

renegade2823d ago

This game is not going to disappoint if you are not hyping it, a sure buy for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.