Retro Kix: OnLive Console Review

Welcome to gaming in the clouds!

Many said it could not be done, but the OnLive Consoles proves that gamers can have an excellent gameplay experience in the clouds! The OnLive console is excellent for gamers not willing to pay a ton of money for a high-end PC.

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xYLeinen2701d ago

How is OnLive evolving btw?

You guys who already got and had a chance to tried to this do you see yourself playing this in the future?

Anyone owning a ps3, xbox 360 tried this and see themselves dropping the consoles and aiming for cloud based gaming?

cozmo1952701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

i would do it but the connection was bad in the UK atm

i really hope they open up servers in the UK it's a really good service

but i don't think i could give up consoles i would like to use them both

@below (seeming as i can't reply 'cos some people set me to one bubble >_>)

they should set up the servers in main towns like London seeming as i live like 30 Miles from London and everyone has fiber optics Internet so the audience would be very large

mrv3212701d ago

UK is also a good place, we have a decent internet accross a lot of home, large gaming community and the island is TINY... to cover the US they need 2 farms and there's still black spots. The UK is smaller than some states, the latency would be tiny.

Echo3072701d ago

Yes, I tried OnLive on my PC a few weeks ago and it was a bad experience. My internet connection is very stable and runs at over twice the speed the reviewer claims to have.

"Mostly all of the games look to be maxed out on the PC’s this service is running."

This guy needs to play more games because when I played Borderlands, AC2 and Kane and Lynch 2, the OnLive version was TERRIBLE compared to even their console counterparts, much less the PC versions.

Cloud gaming may be the future of games, but OnLive is a bit ahead of its time. I like some aspects of it, but the split controller community and sub-HD games don't cut it... not even when compared to the 5 and 6 year old consoles we have now.

Stealth20k2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

onlive is the biggest rip off on the planet. You dont own anything and your paying big money to borrow.......

theres a very big reason why its failing and not selling.

skyfire22612701d ago

You also don't own the games you buy at the store so whats your point? because you can pawn or sell them off that some how makes you the owner?

All you are buying is the right to USE the software. This OnLive service is no different.

However I do agree 100% their pricing scheme is BS.

likedamaster2701d ago

Video quality is blurry and bad(at least on my screen). It has little input lag but it's there. Brag clips are limited to less than a minute.

There's a few things that are cool about the service, but more things about it that are not. But to each their own, not everyone can afford a highend pc.

zero_gamer2701d ago

"The OnLive console is excellent for gamers not willing to pay a ton of money for a high-end PC"

Why, when we already have Xbox360 and PS3 for gamers not interested in throwing in a ton of money on a PC? This service is better suited for FarmVille and Windows Solitaire.

Software_Lover2701d ago

Because you dont have to buy an xbox 360 or ps3 to play the games. Just a pc and a controller (optional).

But, you wont get the great console exclusives so my point is mute.

Raider692701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Well since i have 120Mbp connection this must run like a breeze!Im glad my that my country fibre connections go 1GB( The most evolve EU country wend it comes to fibre technology development and internet service providers)!Im not so glad we are in recession and onlive its not available in PT!

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